Alongside the invaluable and time saving resources provided by EBI, we have continued to be impressed with the weekly blogs written by Alistair Meadows. The material is balanced and contemporary, often dealing with issues that have appeared in the trade press or national press that week. We have used this content for CPD, personal knowledge and regularly incorporated elements into our own blogs for clients and target clients.

Duncan Orr of Swindells Financial Planning

An excellent system which saves time, provides good compliant documentation and provides logical evidence based outcomes. Also has an excellent 'worst scenario' chart to help quantify the downside risk for clients.

Tim Burridge of Clover Wealth Management

I am delighted that I am now using the EBI Model Portfolios. The process is straightforward, robust and efficient. The added 'cherry on the cake' of the Vantage rebalancing facility has made the total investment process a 'doodle' from start to finish. I have also found Craig and his team to be extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I am also enjoying mixing with and learning from some of the elite financial planners in the UK. The community of advisers using EBI are more than willing to share knowledge and best practice. To sum things up, although I have only been a user for around six months, the processes adopted are already paying dividends, my business is in much better shape and I believe I will be reaping the rewards way into the future. I would encourage any planning business to embrace 'evidence based investments' and you will not look back.

Damien Clyburn of Otter Financial Services

Craig, Guzz, Alistair and the whole team are firstly really nice people, secondly provide expert in-sourced help in many ways, including providing many tools which help us as advisers to promote the principles and benefits of Evidence Based Investing to clients which is great for them and our industry, which in turn means thirdly you get to spend more time with clients and building a successful business. Our only slight regret is we wish we had joined EBI when we first moved to Evidence Based Investing with Dimensional / Vanguard years ago. Its like the BAM alliance in the U.S. - 'an independent community of like-minded, independent firms, who all manage money the same way, and put their clients interests first'.

Robert Wilcocks of Wilcocks Law

Craig's assistance and helpful attitude has been instrumental in creating a robust approach for our clients' needs. EBI also provided a hefty 'snowball' which enabled us to pick up even more for our own professional development and knowledge.

David Cockling of Aspen Wealth Management

We now have a robust investment proposition that has helped to de-risk the business and totally simplify what we do. The back-up and technical support is outstanding. It also helps when you passionately believe in something too.

Matthew Walne of Santorini Financial Planning

When one looks into how markets work it is difficult to understand how - when truly putting the interests of clients first - anything other than an evidence-based investing approach can be recommended. Once enlightened, the next challenge is how best to implement such an approach and we knew that in-sourcing the necessary expertise was critical for the business. We know of no other UK-based offering that does what EBI do. We now have a beautifully robust investment proposition with the added benefits of not only having de-risked the business, simplified what we do and provide our clients with the very best investment experience but also of having freed up more time to spend with them on the stuff that really matters. It has been a win-win-win!

Mark Vail of RockWealth

Life has been simpler for us and our clients since we outsourced asset allocation and fund choice to the team at EBIP. We were doing this in-house using the DFA Returns Program but have saved time, money and hassle using the EBIP system. The ability to access near exclusive institutional tracker funds from just 0.07% per annum via the Vantage service is an added bonus.

Iain Wishart of Wishart Wealth Management

Implementing EBI Portfolios initially saved our business three days a month, plus beefed-up the robustness of our investment proposition. With the development of Vantage removes the very time-consuming process of re-balancing, making certain all clients get the same expected investment experience and an investment process which allows me to sleep at night.

Gordon Couch of Utopia Financial Planning

Craig's knowledge and the support from all the team has been a key component in the development of my firm. Endless enthusiasm matched by a can do attitude. Great stuff, guys.

Gary Barnes of Lifeplan Financial Management

EBI was a great find! Outsourcing portfolio construction, amongst other things, is essential to allow me time to focus on business development and I have absolute confidence in passing this role on to Craig and his team, but what's refreshing is their support goes way beyond this. The Vantage rebalancing service is also assisting clients to achieve optimal returns whilst creating further time saving for me. In a nutshell, EBI are helping me to create the lifestyle business I set out to build and I recommend anyone who wants the same to contact them to see what they can do for you.

David Brigham of Brigham Wealth Management

Like many other EBI subscribers we discovered Dimensional et al some years ago and had been spending in ordinate amounts of time putting together our own portfolios using the DFA Returns Program. These portfolios performed in line with those of EBI but we were missing the rigour and robustness of their processes. I now feel much happier knowing that Craig, Guzz, Alistair and team are constantly examining whether we can capture the asset class returns we need at say, lower cost or with greater efficiency. I believe this degree of due diligence is very difficult to for a small firm to achieve. In addition, the Forum and weekly blogs are excellent resources.

Graham Ponting of Clearwater Wealth Management

We have been using the EBI Portfolios now for around five years. Everything about the service from Craig and his team is first class. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them and the result is that we are able to offer our clients a world class investment proposition for a fraction of the cost were we to attempt to produce this internally. Highly recommended!

Lee Glennan of Glennan Wealth Management

From time to time you come across something that is really revolutionary for your business. Having adopted a non-predictive approach to investing back in 2010 we grappled with how best to implement. What asset allocations worked, which funds to use, how to rebalance and how best to explain it and use it with clients. EBI solves all these problems. 21 model portfolios reviewed monthly and linked to a worksheet you can you use with clients to connect your investment proposition to cash flow modelling tools. It's as robust as investments get! Moreover, you become part of an elite community of advisers with shared valued and challenges. I would thoroughly recommend EBI to any right minded adviser.

Steven Hotham of Strategic Wealth Management

Like many Advisers I have been constantly reviewing and reassessing my investment proposition over the last few years. Outsourced active investment management offered poor value and my research led me via Dimensional to consider evidence based investment, originally via my own model portfolios however the old problems of asset allocation, rebalancing and time spent on administration meant these were not a long term option. Since joining EBI Portfolios, I am confident I have a very impressive, robust, compliant investment proposition offering clients a low cost opportunity to capture market returns based on historical analysis - hard to argue with 60 years of empirical market data going back to the Suez crisis. Technical back up from Craig and Alistair is excellent and I wish I had made this decision at a much earlier stage as I now have access to a cost efficient, high quality investment service that I could not personally replicate. Highly recommended.

Andy Spriggs of Wiser Wealth

Like many financial planning firms, we have used numerous solutions to implement our investment strategies. We have held, for a long time, strong convictions involving the folly of trying to beat the markets through active investment decisions. It is extremely hard to do consistently, there is no way of predicting those that can in advance and the costs are high. Clients suffer and we just don’t believe it is justified. EBI offer another way. They use the piles of evidence to create their portfolios. They have an excellent, robust process for implementing them and we believe strongly that they deliver a great blend of returns and risk exposure for our clients. Coupled with that, the friendly and helpful support they provide and we are delighted to use them.

Marco Vallone of Brighton Financial