Terms and Conditions

EBI Terms and Conditions

The EBI Terms and Conditions can be found here.

FinaMetrica Terms and Conditions

When you agree to start using FinaMetrica through EBI, you are also accepting FinaMetrica's standard terms and conditions (as set out here), and you understand that your clients must also accept FinaMetrica's standard terms and conditions for clients as set out here.

FinaMetrica subscriptions have a minimum period of ninety days, and have a ninety day notice period. Please note that the FinaMetrica licence is not linked to your EBI licence and you do not have to have an EBI licence to use FinaMetrica through us, although without access to EBI's portfolios you will not be able to use the customised FinaMetrica mappings.

Once you have paid for the FinaMetrica licence through EBI, you will receive a login and password directly from FinaMetrica within one working day.