welcome to evidence based investments

EBI Portfolios is dedicated to bringing science, efficiency and innovation to investing.

We provide evidence based investment management and supporting resources to a select group of the UK’s most knowledgeable and forward-thinking financial advisers.

EBI’s investing philosophy combines more than six decades of market data, Nobel Prize-winning academic research and behavioural finance.

our services


EBI’s core offering is the Vantage Managed Portfolio Service which provides a passively managed ultra-low cost investment solution employing unique tolerance band driven rebalancing to reduce trading volumes and frequency and thus costs.


EBI provides four suites of 11 model portfolios (UK Bias, Global, World, Earth). Each suite offers various blends of equities and bonds to match a client’s attitude to risk.

Research & Analysis

Complete and unrestricted access to EBI’s 62 years of simulated data. Portfolios are built upon a robust evidence based investment process.


EBI is proud to offer technical support to its members and aims to respond quickly to any queries received.


Join an ever growing community of like-minded advisers, share best practises, discuss recent topics and as a collective, benefit from economies of scale.


EBI provides a large repository of whitepapers, support materials and documents to demonstrate our evidence-based investment approach.

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