EBI can offer you the tools you need to better leverage your time, help increase the success of your advisery firm and provide enhanced peace of mind to your clients.

A smarter investment model

One that doesn't subscribe to a fickle and unpredictable strategy. One that doesn't have you reacting to every single market movement. Instead, we deliver a philosophy based on proven, unbiased research by leading academics and Nobel prize winners. We will empower you with the tools to feel confidence in your practice and provide peace of mind to your clients, during any type of market conditions.

A passive investment strategy

Our wisened approach limits irrational portfolio adjustment and employs opportunistic rebalancing techniques to avoid unnecessary trading costs and minimalises tax penalties. Our goal is a clear and simple one, to help you to maximise potential returns and minimise risk while managing the investment of your clients' long-term money.

"History shows that in the long run a thoughtfully designed, diversified strategy of passive funds typically beats all but a few active managers."

Eugene Fama, Jr. - Dimensional Fund Advisors

A consistent investment experience

With the backing of our tools and supporting services, we provide you with the ability to deliver a consistent investment experience for your clients. Adopting our unique approach can help differentiate your practice from that of other financial advisers and ultimately help grow your assets under management.

Embracing your fiduciary responsibilities

Our services are designed specifically to assist you in putting your clients' best interests first. We do not create any conflicts of interest such as paying financial incentives or attempting to force the sale of products your clients do not need and would not benefit from.

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