Head of Investment - £70,000-£85,000

EBI is an ‘evidence based’ discretionary fund manager (DFM), working exclusively with over 100 UK financial advisers. We specialise in building and managing a range of ultra-low costs index fund based portfolios. Unlike traditional DFMs, EBI does not engage in active management, rather our portfolios are factor based. EBI has researched and designed its own portfolio monitoring program ‘Sentinel’ which daily drifts portfolio templates and delivers them automatically to platforms via an API for advisers to invest their clients funds into. Sentinel also monitors fund tolerance bands and constructs revised templates when portfolios need to be rebalanced.

In addition to providing a DFM service to advisers we also provide a host of additional resources to help them convey the benefits of evidence based investing to their clients.

Over the last 5 years EBI has gown income by c. 50% and in 2019 this will approach 90%. Currently we have over £1billion of assets under direction and we are looking to grow this to in excess of £5 billion over the next 5 years. Key to our growth plans is the appointment of an individual to head up EBI’s investment proposition.

EBI is passionate about evidence based investing and it’s also rapidly becoming passionate about sustainable investing. We believe advisers will rapidly embrace our ESG integrated portfolios and we would like to see ESG integration as the only way we build portfolios.

Initially the role will include being very hands on with a lot of the investment related tasks with only a small number of support staff. The business continues to grow so will the investment team. This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a fast growing business.

What we are looking for:

You will need to have had a background in traditional fund management, ideally discretionary fund management, and it’s fundamental that you embrace what might seem to be a contradiction to all that you have learned in fund management i.e. that there is no evidence that the relatively few successful managers can be identified in advance and following an evidence based path is a far more reliable and lower risk solution for the majority of retail investors, our ultimate clients. Additionally you will need to not only become an expert in evidence based investing but rapidly also in sustainable investing.

A small growing business needs innovators and we will be looking for the Investment team to help design new solutions to problems our clients maybe do not know they have.

Your duties will include:

  • Responsibility for portfolio construction. This includes managing ongoing market research of index funds available for possible inclusion in our portfolios. This is particularly important for ESG index filtered funds as they are in their infancy and new ones are regularly being launched.
  • Maintaining and evolving our current performance related resources e.g. portfolio fact sheets, as well as ancillary resources such as disclosers and other supplementary documentation in conjunction with our compliance support.
  • Responsibility for implementing, executing fund swaps and rebalancing. Trading is infrequent but as EBI works with 10 different platforms, all with a different process and the number of underlying client accounts run to thousands, when trading takes place it’s a significantly larger task than might be the case for a fund.
  • Oversea the construction, maintenance and periodic testing of process guides for tasks such as rebalancing and fund swaps.
  • Review and grow our portfolio analysis service. Advisers pay EBI to undertake a quantitative and qualitative analysis of their potential new client’s existing portfolios prior to taken over the servicing rights and investing them into EBI’s portfolios. Generally, Advisers are not competent to do this work and we need to increase our capacity. You will be responsible for reviewing the existing service and implementing change, as well as building a team to process this work
  • Support the Sentinel portfolio management methodology and potentially undertake further analysis to help enhance its functionality.
  • Produce content for marketing as required.
  • We may look to consult with larger adviser practices to design bespoke portfolios that will be typically similar to our current versions but with subtle changes so they can be seen as unique in house portfolios. This would be your responsibility to design the process and implement until such time as we have other team members trained to do this work.
  • Deal directly with advisers when they generate technical questions again until such time as we have adequately trained team members.
  • Generate Technical fact sheets based on these queries to use as reference material for sales support to use for future calls.
  • Sit on the investment EBI committee. May also sit on IFA client investment committee meetings or at least report to them.
  • Review existing portfolio construction and make any recommendations as to weightings and holdings. Review current factor exposure and recommend how this might be improved upon.
  • Support sales and marketing with training and presentations to advisers both internally and externally.
  • Work closely with our fund management partners particularly iShares and Vanguard to help develop new products and variants of existing products.


  • Be educated to a degree standard or equivalent relevant experience.
  • Hold CFA charter.
  • Be able to understand and interpret economic & investment issues, apply strategic thinking.
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of the wider impact of decisions taken across the investment spectrum
  • Must be a good speaker –confident, well spoken, and able to engage with audiences and convey ideas clearly.

Finally two individuals we hold in high regard would be Tim Hale of Albion Consulting and Larry Swedroe of Buckingham Strategic Wealth. Both write prolifically about evidence based investing and have a deep understanding of finance. If you see a little of yourself in these individuals then you may be the candidate we are looking for.

If you are interested in the above position and feel your experience matches the criteria, please send your CV out lining your skills, experience and availability to our Head of HR Lucy Worrall via jobs [at]

*Interviews will be taking place immediately*