EBI Tweets

September, 2017

Saturday 30th - 12:51

Wise words from the greatest trader of all time... https://goo.gl/hjAkxw

Saturday 30th - 10:57

As the holding period of a fund drops, the informational content of the returns generated therein falls. #Buyandhold https://goo.gl/CGYELY

Friday 29th - 16:48

We need Active managers to prevent bubbles apparently; like the 1999 and 2007 passive bubbles, I assume? https://goo.gl/cLCHse

Friday 29th - 13:51

#Hedgefund chief being made "miserable" by his recent performance- maybe not so much as his investors... https://goo.gl/byoCGD

Friday 29th - 11:52

Apparently, cost-transparency isn't a good thing if it highlights expensive active managers... https://goo.gl/8vKizv

Thursday 28th - 16:48

Even if you bought at the 2007 peak, you have now nearly doubled your money. #Longterminvestment. https://goo.gl/WeFSBL

Thursday 28th - 13:51

Advisor's lack of clarity on manager's research costs mainly due to the fact that the latter prefer it that way... https://goo.gl/ofk7rX

Thursday 28th - 11:52

CDOs are back! Citigroup has a 35-year-old running a new push into an old (and tarnished) marketplace... https://goo.gl/mvBYXT

Wednesday 27th - 16:48

M&G's solution to the underperformance of its "Global Basics" fund. Change the name. #survivorshipbias https://goo.gl/QS8nbW

Wednesday 27th - 13:51

Unless you ARE Buffett, you won't beat the market by using #Activefunds. The winners will be the managers! https://goo.gl/uKzbBW

Wednesday 27th - 11:52

Active managers' scope, as well as AUM size, puts a self-defeating limit on their performance over time. Beware size https://goo.gl/U8AoaD

Tuesday 26th - 16:48

And another one bites the dust... https://goo.gl/KatrxA

Tuesday 26th - 13:51

"History undoubtedly teaches lessons about investment, but it does not say which lesson to apply when".QED #passive. https://goo.gl/1Qmn9P

Tuesday 26th - 11:52

The dynamism of the #FCA know no bounds- they will look at Hedge fund/PE fee transparency by July (2018, I assume). https://goo.gl/bKZ5m3

Monday 25th - 16:48

#Activemanagers are worried by the rise of Passive investing- so much so, they've set up a lobbying group... https://goo.gl/Kzp5of

Monday 25th - 13:51

Vanguard warns of a "decade of muted returns"- they may well be right... https://goo.gl/fZzmfv

Monday 25th - 11:52

This week's blog looks at #diversification; the why and the how... https://goo.gl/9gx4HK

Sunday 24th - 12:51

A good refutation of the "Passive allows CEOs an easy ride" argument. That problem is endemic, not due to Passives. https://goo.gl/qsMvYo

Sunday 24th - 10:57

A critique of Green investment strategies-who pays if it fails to beat Indices? Probably not the advocates... https://goo.gl/v2De9u

Saturday 23rd - 12:51

In investment, costs matter and Buffet's winning bet against #Hedgefunds proves his point... https://goo.gl/tboJsA

Saturday 23rd - 10:57

#MiFID II will force fund managers to accurately value their research input; for many that value will be zero. https://goo.gl/Lq1ozW

Friday 22nd - 16:48

Pension fund cash crunch could curtail PE Investments; though not because they are hugely expensive and over-hyped.. https://goo.gl/ZT2w5A

Friday 22nd - 13:51

Value isn't dead- it's just "resting". Be wary when investors start to write it off... https://goo.gl/D5TPTU

Friday 22nd - 11:52

A new platform has been launched to give access to #Hedgefunds- should be one to avoid... https://goo.gl/jcqHWT

Thursday 21st - 16:48

Hiring and firing on a 3 year horizon leads to buying at the top and selling at the lows. Better to do the opposite. https://goo.gl/9V6K3Z

Thursday 21st - 13:51

The barbell strategy- investors are going for BOTH low risk, low fee AND high risk,high fee investments. https://goo.gl/eo49mG

Thursday 21st - 11:52

Some REALLY big #Assetmanagers are struggling in today's markets; size is becoming an increasing handicap to returns https://goo.gl/h9K2ET

Wednesday 20th - 16:48

Why Investors should prefer Total-Return investing to Dividend Investing. The anomaly persists however... https://goo.gl/33JBtX

Wednesday 20th - 13:51

The Godfather of Value Investing had a few harsh words for stock-pickers: 50 years ago! https://goo.gl/LSvbUQ

Wednesday 20th - 11:52

Female Hedge fund managers (only 10% of the total), and have beaten male equivalents; are these two facts related? https://goo.gl/DmTNMZ

Tuesday 19th - 16:48

Active manager bemoans the shrinking choices available, as the number of stocks fall- that's why prices are rising.. https://goo.gl/xZAxj1

Tuesday 19th - 13:51

Listening to "experts" can cost you a fortune- have a portfolio allocation plan and STICK TO IT... https://goo.gl/Tvsdmr

Tuesday 19th - 12:01

An example of what we mean..re: the last tweet. https://goo.gl/CDCqMU

Tuesday 19th - 11:52

Paradoxically, the quick, panicky rush for the exits on corrections gives the lie to ideas of the end of the bull. https://goo.gl/cY5wLB

Monday 18th - 16:48

#FCA to announce tomorrow what they will do about workplace pension scheme costs; will they follow through on caps? https://goo.gl/aSgFsc

Monday 18th - 13:51

According to this article Buffet's "market indicator" is calling for a market fall. When? Strangely, it doesn't say. https://goo.gl/PPRq7z

Monday 18th - 11:52

This week's blog looks at an alternative way of calculating expected returns https://goo.gl/snRbMZ

Sunday 17th - 12:51

One survey suggests that the move to Passive will go on for years (both Active and Passive managers seem to concur). https://goo.gl/ACXTb6

Sunday 17th - 10:57

Passive is making markets less efficient? Then why can't Active Managers outperform? Because they are not able to. https://goo.gl/B7x9B5

Saturday 16th - 12:51

Multi Asset manager investigates Multi Asset funds and finds they are better than Passives-just dont look at returns https://goo.gl/dvUZng

Saturday 16th - 10:57

Growth versus Value; is it time for the latter to make a comeback? One Investor thinks so.. https://goo.gl/93SRbx

Friday 15th - 16:48

No sign yet of a peak in Active Manager's calls for "Peak Passive". https://goo.gl/MSQorS

Friday 15th - 13:51

The "Sell-in-May" adage works-but only some of the time and we only hear about it on those occasions-stay invested..https://goo.gl/3sWSqm

Friday 15th - 11:52

Why hasn't Passive taken root in Hong Kong? Because Banks do the Investment marketing and they are on commission... https://goo.gl/6V1vv1

Thursday 14th - 16:48

Peak hubris? Scientists believe they can eliminate ALL risk, forever and with 100% certainty. Hmmm. https://goo.gl/hFb6nE

Thursday 14th - 13:51

Private Equity is set to take over the mantle of expensive, pointless and underperforming from Hedge funds... https://goo.gl/MEbwNy

Thursday 14th - 11:52

Larry Swedroe on why " Deep Value" works.. https://goo.gl/mkaCcu

Wednesday 13th - 16:48

UBS tries to allay market watchers fear of an ETF inspired "rush to the exits" if markets fall. https://goo.gl/x1CJUX

Wednesday 13th - 13:51

Further signs of the move towards Global portfolios as money exits the UK for international investment. https://goo.gl/vBac2U

Wednesday 13th - 11:52

Behold, the 100-year bond issuer club just got bigger; why investor have bought them is a conundrum.. https://goo.gl/rgNAQZ

Tuesday 12th - 16:48

Investment consultant survey finds clients happy with #Investmentconsultants-move along, nothing to see here... https://goo.gl/X1zim9

Tuesday 12th - 13:51

More questions for #SJP to answer re performance; let's hope they are more revealing than on their charges... https://goo.gl/LpVQ8t

Tuesday 12th - 11:52

Some of the reasons why #markettiming fails to work for nearly all of us. https://goo.gl/LgL1kY

Monday 11th - 16:48

#Highyield funds offering all of the risks, but little of the returns- no wonder some are disappointed... https://goo.gl/A4dMcU

Monday 11th - 13:51

Why fund managers fail; reason #100. Pairs trading- taking two positions doubles the risk of error (and thus loss). https://goo.gl/qugnPc

Monday 11th - 11:52

This week's blog looks at currency hedging for bonds and equities. Should we or shouldn't we? https://goo.gl/oeogtP

Sunday 10th - 12:51

A new ETF intends to invest in politically pro-Trump companies- sounds like a recipe for disaster (and arguments!). https://goo.gl/WdDUUV

Sunday 10th - 10:57

Fund Rating Groups under pressure to reveal THEIR performance; will they survive the scrutiny? https://goo.gl/6NBb92

Saturday 9th - 12:51

No one has a monopoly on "Quant" investing, which is why there are so different-caveat emptor https://goo.gl/wRCTA8

Saturday 9th - 10:57

Is it possible to "slash" your fees by 0.05%? One manager (with the aid of a pliant media headline) thinks so. https://goo.gl/u1ZcZU

Friday 8th - 16:48

A comprehensive rebuttal to the Active managers' arguments re #marketefficiency. https://goo.gl/Rtg7ZT

Friday 8th - 13:51

UK funds saw more deaths than births last year. Are active managers going the way of the dodo? https://goo.gl/6QSDKm

Friday 8th - 11:52

#Privateequity becoming increasingly "fashionable"; though hedge fund-like fees still ensure Managers benefit most https://goo.gl/ZVqrtc

Thursday 7th - 16:48

Low correlations, high dispersion between stocks is ideal opportunity for Active managers-which they will squander https://goo.gl/5r733t

Thursday 7th - 13:51

The era of Zero management fees has arrived with little fanfare. But much foreboding for #ActiveManagers.... https://goo.gl/51wDz8

Thursday 7th - 11:52

Barclays trading Platform re-launch falls flat. It's obviously harder than it looks (or they make it seem that way!) https://goo.gl/xnVMZM

Wednesday 6th - 16:48

Dual share classes- what are they ..and does it matter? https://goo.gl/5zTQCa

Wednesday 6th - 13:51

The Journalistic knives are out for #NeilWoodford; what goes up will (probably) go down.... https://goo.gl/JLTpVG

Wednesday 6th - 11:52

Bill McNabb pours cold water on the Index/ETF bubble thesis. 15% of Mkt Cap and 5% of volumes is NOT a bubble. https://goo.gl/j8jEut

Tuesday 5th - 16:48

In two years, Vanguard's Institutional AUM has risen by another 50% to $3 trillion. It's not just Individuals... https://goo.gl/FvVzhT

Tuesday 5th - 13:51

A US asset manager has announced the closure of 12 ETF's- but 11 of them are "Bear" funds, so not really a surprise. https://goo.gl/ibFDkH

Tuesday 5th - 11:52

Is the VIX Index "too low"? One of the co-creators of VIX says no-its just reflecting market opinion; that's its job https://goo.gl/LV5XwD

Monday 4th - 16:48

UK Firms paying out more in dividends than pension contributions. We see where their priorities lie;(not pensioners) https://goo.gl/zqX6GB

Monday 4th - 13:51

Why do Investors continue to believe that Active Managers can and do beat the market? Here are some explanations. https://goo.gl/DTgo2N

Monday 4th - 11:52

This week's Blog looks at the US Dollar-is it about to bounce? https://goo.gl/2HwNwb

Sunday 3rd - 12:51

In an ironic twist, Active funds are buying Index provider shares (such as MSCI)... https://goo.gl/T3HJGL

Sunday 3rd - 10:57

Why are equity markets so high? Supply and Demand: little of the former, plenty of the latter... https://goo.gl/6qh389

Saturday 2nd - 12:51

Bloomberg has some advice for Active Managers- stop blaming others and play a "support" role. Can't see it happening https://goo.gl/WZoXbU

Saturday 2nd - 10:57

3x leverage in EM Bonds? You MUST be joking... https://goo.gl/3H9Pc3

Friday 1st - 16:48

Pressure to cut fees is now coming for Active Manager's board rooms too. This is much more difficult to ignore... https://goo.gl/KSBC7b

Friday 1st - 13:51

US Endowments etc. now trying to catch up with markets by buying "Alternative" investments. This will end in tears.. https://goo.gl/fJBCNs

Friday 1st - 11:52

Irony alert- Jim Cramer complains that there's no penalty for Analysts who keep getting market timing calls wrong... https://goo.gl/WeVmcW

August, 2017

Thursday 31st - 16:48

New Canadian "robo-advisor" to launch in the UK- the portfolio looks like a passive fund and is more expensive... https://goo.gl/GSXraX

Thursday 31st - 13:51

Buying "Dead Cat bounces" only leaves you with a portfolio of Dead Cats. #Markettimingfails. https://goo.gl/PbeuDV

Thursday 31st - 11:52

Alien versus Predator- the Vanguard/Fidelity fee war keeps on hotting up...Active managers will be the victims. https://goo.gl/n2Aqmr

Wednesday 30th - 16:48

Companies pay out 5x more to shareholders than to their pension schemes. This is NOT sustainable.... https://goo.gl/Wyabt2

Wednesday 30th - 13:51

Investment about "participation not perfection". Market timing will not get in at you in at the lows... https://goo.gl/cs8Tqc

Wednesday 30th - 11:52

It's not how "high" markets are that matters, it's your tolerance for losses that should determine your allocations. https://goo.gl/bBWohQ

Tuesday 29th - 16:48

More than half of all stocks listed since 1926 have underperformed 1-month US T-bills. So..#diversification https://goo.gl/5qtczo

Tuesday 29th - 13:51

Allegedly, share price crashes are good news for Active Managers... if only they could avoid owning them beforehand. https://goo.gl/4p7j6m

Tuesday 29th - 11:52

This week's blog looks at QE as it would be done under Corbyn's Labour. Different path, same destination? https://goo.gl/DKLbi7

Monday 28th - 16:48

HL appears to be finding it tough to pick successful fund managers; Woodford's recent travails won't have helped... https://goo.gl/eJENo9

Monday 28th - 13:51

Monday 28th - 11:52

"If an asset manager tries to pass on research costs “we’d drop the fund. There’s no reason to pay more.” QED. https://goo.gl/gU3ajo

Sunday 27th - 12:51

As an investor, lazy is indeed the way to go. Here is a list of the reasons why... https://goo.gl/xw7a9w

Sunday 27th - 10:57

The problems with Active ETF's are exactly the same as with all Actively managed funds- the managers... https://goo.gl/ae9CKL

Saturday 26th - 12:51

An interesting paper which suggests UK Consumers have not "given up" on saving, but changing the way they do it... https://goo.gl/nDCgnQ

Saturday 26th - 10:57

This chart lays bear the performance problem for Active Managers. Over 10 years it is much worse that even this. https://goo.gl/ehnYGU

Friday 25th - 16:48

Deutsche Bank admits what we've known for a while: there's no demand for their research "product"... https://goo.gl/64dS1p

Friday 25th - 13:51

Actively managed funds turn over their portfolios once every 1.7 years; hardly Long Term Investment is it? https://goo.gl/x1wK9U

Friday 25th - 11:52

Hedge funds up 7% this year, the best start to a year since 2009- but they STILL lag the market (+12%) Why bother?https://goo.gl/R3FF4K

Thursday 24th - 16:48

Another "Boutique" research firm has its charges "outed " by Bloomberg. Seriously, will anyone pay this??? https://goo.gl/n8D4RY

Thursday 24th - 13:51

MorningStar comes out in favour of performance fees, rather than a %age of AUM. But will it catch on in Active land? https://goo.gl/pXtLs2

Thursday 24th - 11:52

Indexing is killing off the Star Fund Manager, but they are also contributing to their own demise (ahem, #Provident) https://goo.gl/hrJCGk

Wednesday 23rd - 16:48

The ACTUAL returns on property Buy-to-Let are easily distorted (upwards), mainly by leverage. It is not a panacea... https://goo.gl/Gr3YMb

Wednesday 23rd - 13:51

The benefits of International diversification appear to accrue mainly via Small/Value stocks, not Multinationals. https://goo.gl/WpxcJB

Wednesday 23rd - 11:52

Before you invest in a #Hedgefund-don't. But if you still want to, at least read this first https://goo.gl/zXPG8m

Tuesday 22nd - 16:48

The perils of Stock Picking- "Star" managers in the firing line again (in both senses). https://goo.gl/qyRu6B

Tuesday 22nd - 13:51

Not only do pension managers levy high fees, the cost of exit can reach staggering proportions too. https://goo.gl/kMbv2z

Tuesday 22nd - 11:52

Active managers' recent US outperformance partly due to investing in non-Benchmark assets-overseas equities... https://goo.gl/ET48pj

Monday 21st - 16:48

A Hedge Fund has been launched, betting on other Hedge funds- what could possibly go wrong? https://goo.gl/dyxPmG

Monday 21st - 13:51

Predicting market movements is hard enough- imposing your political views on it makes it harder still... https://goo.gl/KbvVJ5

Monday 21st - 11:52

This week's blog looks at the situation around the 38th parallel. The war drums appear to be beating again... https://goo.gl/c4KVEy

Sunday 20th - 12:51

More quotes for research costs. The variation is large, in contrast to its usefulness.... https://goo.gl/kiWq5k

Sunday 20th - 10:57

Why can't Investors buy ETFs for their workplace pension schemes? The hurdles to be overcome are many and varied. https://goo.gl/rhX8Zb

Saturday 19th - 12:51

Should you hedge overseas equity portfolios? The answer is..depends. But know the risks before you decide... https://goo.gl/kVYnhA

Saturday 19th - 10:57

Two charts showing the growth in, and the increasing pointlessness of, Hedge funds... https://goo.gl/iUW85H, https://goo.gl/bs9x1X

Friday 18th - 16:48

UK #Incomefunds will now only have to MATCH the yield on the FTSE All Share Index-why not just buy the Index then? https://goo.gl/TtwGHp

Friday 18th - 13:51

In just 7 months, ETF inflows have beaten last years total...cue more moans about bubbles from the FT... https://goo.gl/Wbbfbq

Friday 18th - 11:52

Fund manager to merge 7 funds to bury the poor performance...er, "to streamline asset allocation and reduce costs". https://goo.gl/gpYtb2

Thursday 17th - 16:48

"It is difficult to argue with those kinds of statistics" on Active failure- but this journalist is going to try... https://goo.gl/ETCypm

Thursday 17th - 13:51

Why aren't more fund managers like Vanguard? Because it is harder and less profitable (for them). https://goo.gl/ACwAAP

Thursday 17th - 11:52

3 ETF's, the same Index but 3 different average P/E Ratios. It depends on how they calculate it- caveat emptor. https://goo.gl/uevFuB

Wednesday 16th - 16:48

Index funds cause higher inflation (and probably bad weather too"!). Oh for a decent Active argument... https://goo.gl/KoHUHo

Wednesday 16th - 13:51

A "trial" of Indexing finds the defendant "Not Guilty" of the charges... https://goo.gl/vm3U2h

Wednesday 16th - 11:52

The list of firms who are going to absorb research costs is getting longer. Pressure rises on the others. https://goo.gl/K4NFU2

Tuesday 15th - 16:48

A look at the Demographic picture for the US. Most Western nations are in the same boat... https://goo.gl/t5uspw

Tuesday 15th - 13:51

The aims of Active Management are reasonably clear- but their failure to achieve them are equally obvious...#passive https://goo.gl/ADiu6D

Tuesday 15th - 11:52

Nobody knows nuthin' , but decsion paralysis is not an option- stay invested... https://goo.gl/bteJpo

Monday 14th - 16:48

Another City fund manager merger-but as usual, investors are an afterthought....no fee cuts, no change in outcomes. https://goo.gl/LYED9m

Monday 14th - 13:51

Pension trustees lack experience or the knowledge to pick managers, but they still try... with predictable results. https://goo.gl/E9WuxA

Monday 14th - 11:52

This week's blog looks at the disparity between #Hedgefund and Individual investor returns; who's the patsy? https://goo.gl/FwtNYU

Sunday 13th - 12:51

The 4 stage process of #Activeinvestment management according to Morningstar. https://goo.gl/GVd3W3

Sunday 13th - 10:57

Funds now going after small caps that no analyst covers in the hope of finding new investment gems. Good luck... https://goo.gl/8muNoy

Saturday 12th - 12:51

Another Active manager having to make tough choices as AUM bleeds away. Many will not make it to the other side... https://goo.gl/GWc1Hr

Saturday 12th - 10:57

Fund manager insists investors are too dim to understand risk-let him do it for you (for 1.25% p.a. of your money..) https://goo.gl/uidj1y

Friday 11th - 16:48

This is how #SJP makes its money. It is an extremely expensive middleman... is this in the interests of Investors?? https://goo.gl/TsPVHe

Friday 11th - 13:51

Vanguard's move on research costs will hit them for "only" £3.8 million, will other managers feel forced to follow? https://goo.gl/VTNRmW

Friday 11th - 11:52

Late to the party edition; UK DC pension plans now looking at #Infrastructure. Why now? Recent returns... https://goo.gl/P8P8GN

Thursday 10th - 16:48

More Mutual Funds launched this year than ETF's. Doesn't sound like Passive has taken over then.... https://goo.gl/mWQovT

Thursday 10th - 13:51

Active Managers can't outperform in Large Caps- according to S&P research, they can't do it in Small Caps either... https://goo.gl/dbZced

Thursday 10th - 11:52

What is the likely long term return on stocks with markets at all time highs? We don't know, but it WILL be lower. https://goo.gl/6nKRaV

Wednesday 9th - 16:48

#Vanguard more than happy to keep the (downward) pressure on fund fees. Competitors are on notice... https://goo.gl/eiyNM8

Wednesday 9th - 13:51

According to Hedge fund manager, Passive's gains are "unsustainable and brittle", unlike his YTD performance... https://goo.gl/y5Zdne

Wednesday 9th - 11:52

Ex-copper to chair the #FCA report on the Asset Management Industry- will the Fund Managers sing like canaries? https://goo.gl/sdDfJq

Tuesday 8th - 16:48

It seems Active funds are taking on more risk to beat the Indexers. What happens when markets actually DO decline? https://goo.gl/TWTvZz

Tuesday 8th - 13:51

SL's GARS sees £5.6 billion in outflows just before its merger with Aberdeen. Chief Exec says flows "stabilising"... https://goo.gl/ru59Bh

Tuesday 8th - 11:52

Vanguard to pay research costs themselves, rather than make investors pay for it. How much is it actually worth? https://goo.gl/Wd23rn

Monday 7th - 16:48

3 signs of a market top- that have been present for at least two years!! #markettimingfails. https://goo.gl/8LDz2s

Monday 7th - 13:51

Hedge fund manager warns passive funds are "devouring capitalism"- no, its Hedge funds that are doing that... https://goo.gl/2BP1zW

Monday 7th - 11:52

Ths week's Blog looks at the state of UK Pensions. Are the Universities the only ones being challenged? https://goo.gl/QJTH8Q

Sunday 6th - 12:51

Investors buy #Activefunds and the Industry is laughing, but not with you... https://goo.gl/Mtu7as

Sunday 6th - 10:57

It's easy to be a market Guru if you follow these simple rules. Then all you need are some gullible saps... https://goo.gl/XSxFNU

Saturday 5th - 12:51

More sage advice on markets from Dilbert... https://goo.gl/DqhAK2

Saturday 5th - 10:57

Evidently, Passive investing has caused the US market Bubble...it's certainly NOT due to Central Banks is it? https://goo.gl/gQNnJR

Friday 4th - 16:48

The annual "Dog List" has the same familiar names on it- Janus and SJP refused to comment (for obvious reasons)... https://goo.gl/pDH9NL

Friday 4th - 13:51

More evidence of the returns gap Investors incur by trying to time markets, this time from Morningstar. https://goo.gl/p7wy3n

Friday 4th - 11:52

The problems with #PrivateEquity funds are legion. Read this article before committing to it. https://goo.gl/XomuQq

Thursday 3rd - 16:48

One Analyst points out the obvious. It's not Passive that's causing the low volatility OR the overvaluations... https://goo.gl/53JvCH

Thursday 3rd - 13:51

The Lord moves in mysterious ways, his outperformance to perform. IL Gilts and EM bonds seem rather risky though... https://goo.gl/VPwA3a

Thursday 3rd - 11:52

Another giant of yesteryear finds that #Hedgefunds no longer attract investors as they once did. AUM -15% IN Q2. https://goo.gl/361y49

Wednesday 2nd - 16:48

When one adjusts for risk, PE/VC funds don't look quite so hot compared to Index funds. https://goo.gl/XfRwCX

Wednesday 2nd - 13:51

Everything you always wanted to know about #Transact but were afraid to ask... https://goo.gl/Dghcg3

Wednesday 2nd - 11:52

Fidelity cuts US fund fees, to undercut Vanguard, who previously cut theirs to undercut everyone else. And so on... https://goo.gl/oBTphR

Tuesday 1st - 16:48

The weird and the (not so) wonderful; crazy investment schemes, which normally appear at peaks are back... https://goo.gl/B7V7Sz

Tuesday 1st - 13:51

A US State pension fund has cut Hedge fund allocations and raised Index fund holdings. Voila; Outperformance! https://goo.gl/KZGraA

Tuesday 1st - 11:52

Analysts hope Companies (not investors) will pay for their research. This model failed badly with Ratings Agencies. https://goo.gl/Bm6uUA

July, 2017

Monday 31st - 16:48

The thesis that Emerging markets are less efficient doesn't stand up- nor that Active managers there outperform... https://goo.gl/mg4Xqg

Monday 31st - 13:51

An interview with the new man in charge at #Vanguard... https://goo.gl/4Ub4VQ

Monday 31st - 11:52

This week's blog looks at #Factorinvesting-the how and the why... https://goo.gl/91iDqb

Sunday 30th - 12:51

The problem with Income investing: you get the dividend, NOT the "yield". the former is unchanged by price movements https://goo.gl/TkHo3D

Sunday 30th - 10:57

Barclays opening gambit on research costs is £350k p.a....sounds around £349k too high to me... https://goo.gl/JvLrNA

Saturday 29th - 12:51

To pedants everywhere- NOBODY is completely passive, so lets call our investment strategy "Low Cost" instead.. https://goo.gl/H72mv2

Saturday 29th - 10:57

In the US Mutual fund and ETF space, there is #Vanguard and #Blackrock...and then everyone else; a long way behind. https://goo.gl/YMSQMu

Friday 28th - 16:48

Pension funds, having embraced #stocklending for years are now getting involved in BOND lending too. https://goo.gl/aJVQ7j

Friday 28th - 13:51

SNAP won't be included in the Russell Index as it denies Shareholders voting rights- WHY do Investors accept this? https://goo.gl/wQjZr5

Friday 28th - 11:52

15% drop in AstraZeneca shares yesterday hit income funds hard. Loss of 3 years dividends in one day. #totalreturn https://goo.gl/mKqn2x

Thursday 27th - 16:48

Having failed to make money betting on "Macro", Hedge funds now touting"Big Data" as the key to success. Hmm.. https://goo.gl/W3C3Tn

Thursday 27th - 13:51

Active manager sees "green shoots" of their recovery; when the frost comes they will die once again. Hope AND Hype. https://goo.gl/viyYHA

Thursday 27th - 11:52

Self-styled"Smart money" doing the same things as "Dumb money". Performance chasing, buying high etc. https://goo.gl/Sh2tqo

Wednesday 26th - 16:48

Activists threaten to de-rail the SL/Aberdeen merger of their fund businesses unless returns improve. https://goo.gl/R1b651

Wednesday 26th - 13:51

Spurious correlation alert- every time Vanguard appoints a new CEO, markets fall. Really? EVERY time? https://goo.gl/ar34GY

Wednesday 26th - 11:52

Although #Indexing may be easy, it is far from simple; to get it right you have to keep many balls in the air... .https://goo.gl/etN7sX

Tuesday 25th - 16:48

Growth did badly last year. Active managers now claiming the credit for its recovery! https://goo.gl/6atyE4

Tuesday 25th - 13:51

Buying Property via REITs provides more diversification (and liquidity) than an investor can get buying directly. https://goo.gl/cyq7uZ

Tuesday 25th - 11:52

All the details of the Which investigation into #SJP; why anyone would invest with them is a mystery... https://goo.gl/CM4wwe

Monday 24th - 16:48

When "investors" demand certainty, this is what they mean.. https://goo.gl/hFSn9r

Monday 24th - 13:51

#SJP caught failing to disclose charge levels- given the scale of them it's not wholly surprising! https://goo.gl/GCXMMX

Monday 24th - 11:52

This week's blog looks at the levels of #debt; is it sustainable and how does it get resolved? https://goo.gl/u7uZSX

Sunday 23rd - 12:51

As this chart shows, market corrections are a feature, not a bug of equity investment. Stay in for the long term... https://goo.gl/rngu8F

Sunday 23rd - 10:57

This year's excuse for #Hedgefund failure- oil; what will they lose money on next?? https://goo.gl/BWwxHj

Saturday 22nd - 12:51

US Millennials still favour Real Estate and Cash as their investment choices; equities only just above Gold...https://goo.gl/fgkt6v

Saturday 22nd - 10:57

Swedroe digs deeper into claims of Active Manager out-performance- and doesn't much like what he sees... https://goo.gl/jtNHpv

Friday 21st - 16:48

Is the iconic Bloomberg terminal going to be the next victim of the passive boom? https://goo.gl/sh5MM9

Friday 21st - 13:51

Blackrock's profit falls on their move towards ETF's. For #Activemanagers, profits may well disappear altogether... https://goo.gl/V6t7p4

Friday 21st - 11:52

Now, the FCA wants to look at #Fundsupermarkets; not sure they will find the same problems as with Active managers https://goo.gl/xDnoPK

Thursday 20th - 16:48

iShares the big winner from this years' #ETFflows. https://goo.gl/s37Uq9

Thursday 20th - 13:51

#Activemanager talks a good fight on fees versus Vanguard, but will they sacrifice profits to get nearer to them? https://goo.gl/SZKLCX

Thursday 20th - 11:52

One US State has embarked on a manager fee-cutting drive. Previous beneficiaries are not happy. Hero or zero ? https://goo.gl/bmbMNt

Wednesday 19th - 16:48

Are Investors really going to buy Greek bonds? Hope to triumph over experience once again... https://goo.gl/Tu4g2s

Wednesday 19th - 13:51

Fund manager adopts"cautious approach"; as opposed to his previous reckless one? Pointless analysis edition... https://goo.gl/ByR2G2

Wednesday 19th - 11:52

The rise of Vanguard's #Indexfunds involved some luck- but you make your own luck more often than not... https://goo.gl/LfN7Xg

Tuesday 18th - 16:48

A hedge fund wiling to give fees back if it under-performs its Benchmark- its not clear what the BM is though.... https://goo.gl/eXfJ5i

Tuesday 18th - 13:51

Low stock correlation= good active manager performance; allegedly-lets see how they fail this time... https://goo.gl/v16S9z

Tuesday 18th - 11:52

Interesting piece in which an Active fund admits it had nearly half its money in passive funds-was his fee halved? https://goo.gl/r5chMU

Monday 17th - 16:48

UK Local Authorities piling into Commercial Property: council tax payers be afraid... https://goo.gl/YSDr91

Monday 17th - 13:51

#Backtesting an Investment approach ALWAYS produces great results- or it would never see the light of day! https://goo.gl/oBZuWL

Monday 17th - 11:52

This week's blog looks into the murky world of Investment Consultants- what do they do and what do they add? https://goo.gl/Bza3w9

Sunday 16th - 12:51

Active manager study says Active outperforms in Bear markets. In other news, turkeys against Yuletide celebrations. https://goo.gl/F9DqSr

Sunday 16th - 10:57

Morningstar on the future of Active Management- for some there may not be one! https://goo.gl/ZzKZE5

Saturday 15th - 12:51

As this article points out, if there is an #ETFbubble it is investors seeking a lower cost way to do what they want. https://goo.gl/VDNQgH

Saturday 15th - 10:57

The new Vanguard boss must feel a bit like taking over from Alex Fergusen at Man U- how do you beat that? https://goo.gl/j8PeLb

Friday 14th - 16:48

Not quite #Evidencebasedinvesting... https://goo.gl/Kw5PPB

Friday 14th - 13:51

A changing of the guard at the top of #Vanguard; don't expect the progress to slow any though... https://goo.gl/Wq3xjr

Friday 14th - 11:52

One prediction we can all make is that #Activemanagers will find a new excuse for failure... https://goo.gl/CVe63g

Thursday 13th - 16:48

Should Investors pay managers #performancefees? No-already well-paid employees shouldn't need a bonus for competence https://goo.gl/kUMK2x

Thursday 13th - 13:51

There appears to be a bubble in "Bubble "warnings. Move along, nothing to see here... https://goo.gl/HzRPr8

Thursday 13th - 11:52

Yesterdays "Masters of the Universe" have fallen heavily back to earth. Do Macro Hedge funds really have a future? https://goo.gl/a8XQjn

Wednesday 12th - 16:48

Are "Interval funds" the answer to low returns? No. All they do is exchange investment risk for liquidity risk.... https://goo.gl/n1RvL6

Wednesday 12th - 13:51

Blame is better to give than receive, which is why all those involved in the Dallas pension fiasco are so generous. https://goo.gl/oTK2bT

Wednesday 12th - 11:52

According to Jack Bogle, you only need to do 3 things to succeed in investment. Sounds like good advice to us... https://goo.gl/p8KSoQ

Tuesday 11th - 16:48

One of the platforms our clients use- Nucleus under the microscope. https://goo.gl/18cEcu

Tuesday 11th - 13:51

Not sure if this is really news, but #Hedgefunds have underperformed again in Q2 2017... https://goo.gl/HiFWtn

Tuesday 11th - 11:52

Investment middlemen largely responsible for the rise of Public money in Hedge Funds; blame displacement all round. https://goo.gl/vPsB8K

Monday 10th - 16:48

One market stands out -for all the wrong reasons...it's all about oil for now. https://goo.gl/RoYh79

Monday 10th - 13:51

Another cautionary tale of failed market timing. But at least it wasn't THEIR money... https://goo.gl/ydcWrL

Monday 10th - 11:52

#ETFcom shows the faulty maths behind the BoA headline article...https://goo.gl/Au4Cnn

Sunday 9th - 12:51

Another (less alarmist) way of framing the headline- Vanguard holds less than 90% of the stocks in the S&P 500... https://goo.gl/7L8HHC

Sunday 9th - 10:57

UK Equity funds a notable laggard in May's fund sales- investors finally ridding themselves of #Homebias? https://goo.gl/TNKgg3

Saturday 8th - 12:51

All the FCA's plans for the Fund Management Industry. But how long will it be until Investors see the benefits? https://goo.gl/1ncvxn

Saturday 8th - 10:57

The usual suspects at the top of the popularity charts. Is this really investing or #performancechasing? https://goo.gl/ZzpYRA

Friday 7th - 16:48

Ths Bloomberg article nails some of the "Index investing will eat the market" myths, propagated by (some) brokers... https://goo.gl/eHvLJy

Friday 7th - 13:51

Despite their resources, Institutions don't persistently generate alpha. Neither can your broker. #Indexing https://goo.gl/ZuqkLj

Friday 7th - 11:52

There's a negative correlation between "popularity" of an asset and it's returns- don't follow the herd. https://goo.gl/Mv22XF

Thursday 6th - 16:48

Investor concentration in "popular" funds tends to lead to disappointment. Performance persistence does not exist. https://goo.gl/o4UYsm

Thursday 6th - 13:51

From the other side of the World, a good riposte to the "Passive Bubble" argument so beloved of Active Managers.... https://goo.gl/b2jYcf

Thursday 6th - 11:52

A cautionary tale of what happens when you invest in something you don't understand- keep it as simple as possible. https://goo.gl/71Gjgc

Wednesday 5th - 16:48

Alliance Berstein analysts try again; Bond/Stock correlations have broken down and this will favour Active Managers! https://goo.gl/FxPMEs

Wednesday 5th - 13:51

The #revolvingdoor within the Financial elite continues to turn; God certainly moves in mysterious ways... https://goo.gl/8A186p

Wednesday 5th - 11:52

For some Active Managers, it is the MESSAGE that needs to change- not the performance then? Therein lies the problem https://goo.gl/aGaN3F

Tuesday 4th - 16:48

According to the Federal Reserve, Corporates are the biggest source of share demand-so its not a passive bubble... https://goo.gl/Y5e4kd

Tuesday 4th - 13:51

The dangers of #HomeBias is as acute in Australia as in the UK- and Pension funds here, too, have ignored it... https://goo.gl/UKCmSH

Tuesday 4th - 11:52

Fund Manager profitability is one of the highest in the UK- Fund Manager productivity not so much... https://goo.gl/HRmQoj

Monday 3rd - 16:48

The odds of missing a bear market ONCE are poor- doing so twice are minuscule; why #markettiming fails... https://goo.gl/Po1tw6

Monday 3rd - 13:51

"Watch headcount and investment spend as indicators of reality in contrast to their waffle"-#ActiveManager's future. https://goo.gl/wA4sD8

Monday 3rd - 11:52

This week's Blog looks at the aging of the Western population and its effect on markets. https://goo.gl/2MciRT

Sunday 2nd - 12:51

Another Active manager whines that #fundcosts obsession could be overlooking things- like his income... https://goo.gl/DULt6T

Sunday 2nd - 10:57

Bloomberg's review of the FCA's report on the UK Asset management industry. https://goo.gl/3YGSTv

Saturday 1st - 12:51

Apparently, the solution to worries over trading automation is "work hard"- so Hedge funds have been lazy then... https://goo.gl/qy4xGf

Saturday 1st - 10:57

Ethical investing still has the problem of definition- is Tesla "better" than Ford/GM? No answers forthcoming as yet https://goo.gl/67PoQ9