EBI Tweets

February, 2018

Wednesday 28th - 16:48

DB Fund Selector counsels "patience" with their underperforming picks- but patience has already run out with Active. https://goo.gl/KCP8pS

Wednesday 28th - 13:51

Are Hedge funds the Rolex of investments? I'll stick to my Timex... https://goo.gl/XurfdU

Wednesday 28th - 11:52

No surprise edition- most Initial Coin Offerings have or are about to fail-who could have known? Actually, anyone... https://goo.gl/3rn8Pv

Tuesday 27th - 16:48

In a rare turn of events, Hedge funds actually OUTPERFORMED the S&P 500 in the recent market fall. No, honestly... https://goo.gl/gm4CXo

Tuesday 27th - 13:51

New Chair of the #FCA has admitted that a tax avoidance scheme was an "error of judgment". That inspires confidence. https://goo.gl/Ge3Ecj

Tuesday 27th - 11:52

Two weeks ago, Armageddon- today, everyone's bullish again; what's changed? Er...prices have risen. #ignorenews https://goo.gl/mtwRMs

Monday 26th - 16:48

GARS confirms 2017 was a dismal year for fund flows- the rest of the MA Sector saw inflows too... https://goo.gl/JXspWc

Monday 26th - 13:51

Wise words from Warren Buffett- especially the bit about Corporate takeovers... https://goo.gl/nhjTq6

Monday 26th - 11:52

Why Value Stocks Are Becoming Cool Again https://goo.gl/4Wg5BC

Sunday 25th - 10:57

Bill Gates Says He Should Have to Pay 'Significantly Higher' Taxes https://goo.gl/oTjQ85

Saturday 24th - 10:57

Vanguard Says Investors Didn't Panic When Markets Tanked https://goo.gl/5hPZ2L

Friday 23rd - 11:52

FCA receives more than 1,500 MiFID II queries in six months https://goo.gl/MXScTA

Thursday 22nd - 11:52

DFM forced to deny links with British Steel introducer and adviser https://goo.gl/p1ya7B

Wednesday 21st - 11:52

How will recent market "events" treat risk-targeted funds? 92% of them are ALREADY missing their targets... https://goo.gl/z8E5Dj

Tuesday 20th - 16:48

Vanguard's 10-year performance numbers... https://goo.gl/F3h9pq

Tuesday 20th - 11:52

Is Inflation REALLY set to rise? Here are a few reasons why it may not be such a sure thing... https://goo.gl/Fq2ZMf

Monday 19th - 16:48

According to HL, women tend to outperform men by c.0.8% over 3 years. Here are 4 reasons why. https://goo.gl/YrAHxp

Monday 19th - 11:52

Blackrock is looking for investors so they can trade like Buffett. Why not just invest in Berkshire? #hubris https://goo.gl/WdS6Vw

Sunday 18th - 10:57

The current decline will NOT be a test of ETFs - it will be a test of ETF INVESTORS... completely different. https://goo.gl/7yYnLC

Saturday 17th - 10:57

50% market decline prediction. Before you sell everything, check out his biog. Been predicting crashes for 2-3 years https://goo.gl/UFFErM

Friday 16th - 16:48

$40 billion OUT of Active, $50 billion into Passive; what part does the fund industry not understand? https://goo.gl/3TSbui

Friday 16th - 11:52

If you hear Bond fund managers say any of these things... take your money and run. https://goo.gl/rG7CKB

Thursday 15th - 16:48

One of the creators of VIX products complains they are being "misused". Seriously, what did he expect would happen? https://goo.gl/2QrMip

Thursday 15th - 11:52

Most "market-timing" is in fact just trend following. Volatility creates buy/sell signals - most of which are wrong… https://goo.gl/XWdnBY

Wednesday 14th - 16:48

Heightened Volatility may indeed continue for a while; it reflects uncertainty/disagreement amongst investors... https://goo.gl/bHZYAZ

Wednesday 14th - 11:52

Hubris alert - this journalist knows more than Harry Markowitz about the latter's financial circumstances... https://goo.gl/Hb1ZV2

Tuesday 13th - 16:48

#Hedgefunds DO have a lot to prove - they wanted volatility to rise; let's see how they do... https://goo.gl/9Wgx4t

Tuesday 13th - 11:52

Bloomberg touts the "success" of Unconstrained Bond funds of late. Short duration and an equity crash helped...! https://goo.gl/HWgJU6

Monday 12th - 16:48

Who do you believe edition? Er, not sure either is reliable... https://goo.gl/Bi76be, https://goo.gl/Bi76be

Monday 12th - 11:52

This week's Blog looks at the sharp rise in (price) volatility this week. What, if anything, can be gleaned? https://goo.gl/776Sh8

Sunday 11th - 10:57

Another "expert" shows who really is "stupid"... https://goo.gl/91kvJV

Saturday 10th - 10:57

Supreme irony- a Hedge fund is to close, citing low volatility !! https://goo.gl/VmEKFu

Friday 9th - 16:48

Some of the richest (men) lost a lot of money this week. But investing is what MADE that money in the first place. https://goo.gl/ETEXd5

Friday 9th - 11:52

The writer of this article asserts that Active Managers add value, whilst providing charts that suggest the opposite https://goo.gl/oPRbbP

Thursday 8th - 16:48

The Stock Market is NOT the economy, any more than the map is the terrain...this is important to remember at present https://goo.gl/n638ZY

Thursday 8th - 11:52

This study suggests that ALL of US stock price gains have occurred when the market is closed! #buyandhold https://goo.gl/YhJicd

Wednesday 7th - 16:48

Buy and Hold is over according to this "analysis"...by a stock trading newsletter. No conflict of interest there ... https://goo.gl/12yRtx

Wednesday 7th - 13:51

Why do we listen to experts- the market is going to "implode", but it "will probably bounce back". Which? When? https://goo.gl/sBZgcp

Wednesday 7th - 11:52

Man Group's Hedge funds had a VERY BAD DAY on Monday. But they won't be the only ones... https://goo.gl/VUc5BT

Tuesday 6th - 16:48

Read the headlines, parse the analysis, look at the charts....and then do nothing whatsoever... https://goo.gl/HZZ3Nn

Tuesday 6th - 13:51

The textbook response- if the market falls, blame retail investors, NOT the Algorithms actually doing the selling... https://goo.gl/x6bmxn

Tuesday 6th - 11:52

"the best portfolio for you is the one you can... consistently apply over time"- investor, know thyself. https://goo.gl/sJMCqT

Monday 5th - 16:48

Charities are over-paying for Investment management services; join the club... https://goo.gl/Ngkv98

Monday 5th - 13:51

In the light of new evidence concerning Fund Manager fees, the LGPS SHOULD be investigating...but they won't... https://goo.gl/BhhvTY

Monday 5th - 11:52

This week's blog looks at the US Dollar; it's less popular than Jacob Rees-Mogg at an EU conference... https://goo.gl/4rmy1p

Sunday 4th - 12:51

Fundsmith Equity fund tops the list of the Broker buy tables- how long before they go the way of Woodford? https://goo.gl/MFjKCx

Sunday 4th - 10:57

Wall Street- the King Canute of industry; try as they might, though, they are on the wrong side of history. https://goo.gl/WKjJyk

Saturday 3rd - 12:51

Using earnings to "time" markets suffers from a flaw- there is no consistent correlation... https://goo.gl/DT9fPU https://goo.gl/2rw4dy

Saturday 3rd - 10:57

Do you think your Active bond fund manager can do better than his equity equivalent? The evidence suggests not ... https://goo.gl/3EDzbQ

Friday 2nd - 16:48

Motley Fool (an investment magazine) enters the ETF fray- at 50 bps, it's not cheap and is it really needed? https://goo.gl/VncZxY

Friday 2nd - 13:51

Where's the money going? Morningstar runs the numbers for 2017. https://goo.gl/Jj3wHh

Friday 2nd - 11:52

7IM is not "going active". It always was- it just used passive funds to "time markets"-usually to clients detriment. https://goo.gl/NGNxgY

Thursday 1st - 16:48

B+H no longer an option according to this HF Manager- +18% since Inception, versus +53% for EBI 40; so, it still is. https://goo.gl/iJd7dK

Thursday 1st - 13:51

Robo advisors forecast to take over the world...until investors lose money and realise they NEED a human version. https://goo.gl/E24byx

Thursday 1st - 11:52

A useful summary of the nature of risk. Today's income= Tomorrow's purchasing power... https://goo.gl/dncn3Z

January, 2018

Wednesday 31st - 16:48

Is THIS why Hedge funds underperform so often? One is shorting the Dollar NOW! Some might think its a bit late... https://goo.gl/MTpmhD

Wednesday 31st - 13:51

It never rains but it pours edition. Capita plunge hits Woodford (and others) for six... https://goo.gl/VMX8wf

Wednesday 31st - 11:52

Wall Street firms now charging customers to buy #Vanguard funds through them. Simple solution- buy Vanguard direct! https://goo.gl/CXSg6v

Tuesday 30th - 16:48

A problem with "bubble spotting"- on a logarithmic chart, the S&P 500 looks about flat since 2000-perspective counts https://goo.gl/CXxZqc

Tuesday 30th - 13:51

Another Active manager drops opposition to passive ETF's; why? Follow the money... https://goo.gl/bwSEgE

Tuesday 30th - 11:52

Actually, Investing is NEVER easy; "smart money" investors are making it harder for themselves by over-thinking. https://goo.gl/fc3V5N

Monday 29th - 16:48

The author is right- #diverisification is an extremely useful tool. But all the funds mentioned are active... https://goo.gl/tRGLM5

Monday 29th - 13:51

Extrapolation alert- now we're discussing #Dow50000! Why now? Oh, yes; because the market is rising!!! https://goo.gl/jct7oN

Monday 29th - 11:52

This weeks blog follows up on Risk- what can one do to mitigate it? https://goo.gl/RMGz7b

Sunday 28th - 12:51

"Confident owners don’t sell and that keeps supply tight. It is hard to get a selloff started without sellers"... https://goo.gl/5FK1V9

Sunday 28th - 10:57

“Commodity trading is tough, with no coupons, dividends, or real price appreciation over time"- indeed it is... https://goo.gl/PXGDpV

Saturday 27th - 12:51

Think you (or any "professional") can beat the market? Here are a few reasons why you're wrong... https://goo.gl/PZLhbu

Saturday 27th - 10:57

The latest SPIVA Scorecard shows (once again) that funds fail to persistently outperform. https://goo.gl/MqvmJ7

Friday 26th - 16:48

According to one consultant, MiFID trade reporting rules have got it all wrong (again). What's an investor to do? https://goo.gl/RpauqF

Friday 26th - 13:51

There may be many "suspects" for the "crime" of low volatility, but it gets us nowhere near to answer of what next? https://goo.gl/VWHhgY

Friday 26th - 11:52

The "Halo Effect" in action. Robert Shiller strays from economics to market predictions... https://goo.gl/XBGW8k

Thursday 25th - 16:48

The problem with reading Newspapers... https://goo.gl/EJHH85

Thursday 25th - 13:51

Japanese retail investors capitulating on their bearish views; they are not the only ones (ahem, Hedge funds)... https://goo.gl/cRPK39

Thursday 25th - 11:52

An Economist thinks Banks don't even have a "Plan A" for another crisis- they do; its called another bailout... https://goo.gl/qdTPqc

Wednesday 24th - 16:48

Don't confuse "overbought" with "peaking"; peaks happen AFTER momentum hits its high, not before. https://goo.gl/J8Dvwv

Wednesday 24th - 13:51

Book review of Bogle's "Common Sense Investing"- it really is all you need to know... https://goo.gl/NYQckJ

Wednesday 24th - 11:52

Passive funds could upset the cosy racket of ever-expanding Executive pay- Active managers have largely played along https://goo.gl/YBBo2c

Tuesday 23rd - 16:48

Having chased nearly everything higher, investors are now eyeing up "Frontier" markets- a sign of the times? https://goo.gl/jKBDE3

Tuesday 23rd - 16:48

MiFID II is laying bare what funds would rather you didn't know- will this prompt another surge away from Active? https://goo.gl/wUPzPY

Tuesday 23rd - 11:52

Performance persistence over as little as 2 years is just 6%. So, the odds of continued outperformance is 1 in 20... https://goo.gl/YhLGoU

Monday 22nd - 16:48

Whats so special about 2018 that it will allow Active managers to outperform? Nothing whatsoever... https://goo.gl/FdNzbN

Monday 22nd - 13:51

Swedroe's Lessons of 2017 Part Three. https://goo.gl/ZTWMpc

Monday 22nd - 11:52

This week's Blog looks at some strange occurrences of recent times and what to do about them? https://goo.gl/4Mk578

Sunday 21st - 12:51

Glass Houses alert- Active bond manager berates Passive managers on fees! You just have to admire the chutzpah... https://goo.gl/U2kV8J

Sunday 21st - 10:57

Just in case you were inclined to listen to Central Bank forecasts... https://goo.gl/Q37by2

Saturday 20th - 12:51

Asset manager M&A hits an 8 year high. Size, not volumes lead the trend- the big are getting still bigger... https://goo.gl/x2Lez7

Saturday 20th - 10:57

New Fintech firm to target the "super-rich". Isn't that what everyone is trying to do? A rather crowded market... https://goo.gl/Ji4uBS

Friday 19th - 16:48

The focus on round numbers (e.g. Dow 25 or 26K) is a search for meaning in random patterns. Please ignore... https://goo.gl/rReZE3

Friday 19th - 13:51

The oil market claims another Hedge fund victim, as once again, Industry knowledge appears to be of little help... https://goo.gl/xAZSU3

Friday 19th - 11:52

Part Two of Swedroe's lessons from 2017. https://goo.gl/XQ74ac

Thursday 18th - 16:48

According to this self-serving "analysis", 1-2% fees are "toxic" for Passive funds. Unlike with Active of course... https://goo.gl/5vaXvz

Thursday 18th - 13:51

10 year #Hedgefund returns (to 2017) -0.4%. In 2017, returns were 27% of the S&P 500. Remember this amid the hype... https://goo.gl/4QT4qw

Thursday 18th - 11:52

What are the lessons of 2017? Mostly the same as 2016, but investors don't seem to learn them... https://goo.gl/Aru7Kj

Wednesday 17th - 16:48

At $6 trillion, Blackrock is proof that a virtuous circle of lower fees/higher inflows/higher profits works wonders. https://goo.gl/BEiHPU

Wednesday 17th - 13:51

A quick primer on Standard Deviation, R Squared, and Beta. All this is part of our Q2 Research package on funds. https://goo.gl/Du1ooy

Wednesday 17th - 11:52

What to do with the annual avalanche of forecasts for 2018? Put them in the round file next to your desk... https://goo.gl/VmnqHo

Tuesday 16th - 16:48

Here's a list of some of the managers who own Carillion, presumably on "fundamental "grounds... https://goo.gl/K1Ge6a

Tuesday 16th - 13:51

Look at the table showing Jupiter's OCF levels and then wonder why they are seeing outflows- it's probably nothing. https://goo.gl/bHMzL4

Tuesday 16th - 11:52

There were 8 investment "sure things" predicted for 2017, only 2 of which occurred. 25% hit rate is not "expert"... https://goo.gl/Dnk6Xc

Monday 15th - 16:48

Is there really a "non-economic" buyer of assets? Most are just acting on business models and economic objectives. https://goo.gl/pzBUEh

Monday 15th - 13:51

Previously banned Hedge fund manager returns with a new 8:1 levered fund, a 2.75% charge plus 30% of returns..... https://goo.gl/RDLbJ2

Monday 15th - 11:52

This week's Blog looks at credit risk. It's real! https://goo.gl/avjZzF

Sunday 14th - 12:51

#Markettiming is, in essence, an attempt to massage the ego. Don't succumb... https://goo.gl/UJo8V5

Sunday 14th - 10:57

Younger investors are more likely to invest passively, according to new research. There's life in indexing yet... https://goo.gl/7eFy7X

Saturday 13th - 12:51

IF collusion in industries IS happening, blame the Industry NOT Index funds. All they do is make investing cheaper. https://goo.gl/DpLpbw

Saturday 13th - 10:57

Inadvertently, this article makes the case for Buy and Hold- unless you can answer all SIX questions correctly.. https://goo.gl/PFME3L

Friday 12th - 16:48

The big question to ask when buying individual stocks- what do YOU know that millions of others don't? https://goo.gl/qEy5sX

Friday 12th - 13:51

(Active) fund selector admits his selection criteria are "woolly and unscientific"- but uses them anyway. Hmmm https://goo.gl/42x9ET

Friday 12th - 11:52

Before you wade into owning #individualstocks, consider the realities as laid out by JP Morgan. The odds aren't good https://goo.gl/Q4cTfN

Thursday 11th - 16:48

The economics "profession" appears unable to explain /remedy current problems- is it becoming irrelevant..? https://goo.gl/yExkgL

Thursday 11th - 13:51

Markets have been very strong, which is why reviewing #assetallocation is a must; before, not after a fall. https://goo.gl/wbY6aL

Thursday 11th - 11:52

"Valuations do matter, sooner or later."- true, but is it sooner OR later? As usual, there's no answer on that... https://goo.gl/64fhkv

Wednesday 10th - 16:48

In the Annual investment guessing game, you make more money providing advice than following it- #ignoreexperts. https://goo.gl/dHqEXN

Wednesday 10th - 13:51

Not really news, but Vanguard tops the charts for AUM growth for the SIXTH year running- it must be luck... https://goo.gl/XA5TUY

Wednesday 10th - 11:52

Are Investors being duped by the Active management industry? (Spoiler alert- yes!) https://goo.gl/8hhsPm

Tuesday 9th - 16:48

Having failed at the ballot box, the Left are now trying to force their ideology on to pension funds. Danger! https://goo.gl/8mL85V

Tuesday 9th - 13:51

"The next decade will surely be different for hedge funds than the last decade". Why? Tactics remain unchanged... https://goo.gl/dY8B6Z

Tuesday 9th - 11:52

IF Passive funds engineer the firing of a CEO in 2018, it will destroy the claim of Passive passivity with boards. https://goo.gl/k9xkLg

Monday 8th - 16:48

Asset class returns- another game of spot the consistent out-performer !! https://goo.gl/ReQU19

Monday 8th - 13:51

Which factors did best in 2017? Past performance etc. etc... https://goo.gl/4F5epj

Monday 8th - 11:52

Big Hedge Fund manager sees a virtual wipe-out in performance fees. Try not to weep too much, though...hes doing OK. https://goo.gl/q3PR1U

Sunday 7th - 12:51

Mutual fund fees remain way too high; why? Poor incentives, lax oversight, and complexity. Just walk away... https://goo.gl/ZJHhkb

Sunday 7th - 10:57

The cost of market timing this year in the US? 17-22% (depending on the Index used). What do you do now...? https://goo.gl/EN3iWh

Saturday 6th - 12:51

Markets at all-time highs- is it time to get out? Not so fast...you need to get TWO decisions right... https://goo.gl/qENeUL

Saturday 6th - 10:57

The cost of regulatory intervention- tumbleweed across trading floors. Will this increase volatility? Probably... https://goo.gl/FfCVJD

Friday 5th - 16:48

2017 saw almost every fund manager make money- even Hedge Funds. It wont be that easy in 2018. https://goo.gl/3xrZim

Friday 5th - 13:51

Academics, not known for their free market credentials, are going after Index funds -on competition grounds. Hmmm. https://goo.gl/SY4ibR

Friday 5th - 11:52

Change the name in the headline to Trump, rewind 1 year -and then ask yourself whether this article is worth reading https://goo.gl/gofWE7

Thursday 4th - 16:48

It's a good day to be a UK CEO... https://goo.gl/j6vhii

Thursday 4th - 13:51

UK Dividends looking a bit thin- which is why #incomeinvesting is riskier than it appears... https://goo.gl/XojEzD

Thursday 4th - 11:52

"Alternative" funds might generate Alpha- just not for their investors. #fundfees https://goo.gl/555cr4

Wednesday 3rd - 16:48

As usual, when a pension fund doesn't do well, the lawsuits fly- they should have indexed... https://goo.gl/4MdGic

Wednesday 3rd - 13:51

Even in a bull market, there are (some major) losers. #diversificationworks. https://goo.gl/sGnioX

Wednesday 3rd - 11:52

A "probabilistic" approach to market forecasting, which shows up the futility of what is actually forecasted... https://goo.gl/khytQ8

Tuesday 2nd - 16:48

Equal-weighted Indices AREN'T less "risky" than Cap weighted versions- they are just taking on different risks... https://goo.gl/F92w9S

Tuesday 2nd - 13:51

Is #Managedvolatility the future for portfolio efficiency? Sounds like risk parity, which has its own problems... https://goo.gl/M9YnYL

Tuesday 2nd - 11:52

If it fails to occur for 5 years, recommend it for a sixth! Active managers WILL outperform this year (honest!). https://goo.gl/idQBxC

Monday 1st - 16:48

Monday 1st - 13:51

Monday 1st - 11:52

Index concentration by sector is a major risk; this is why we want to "go global"... https://goo.gl/jWh5np

December, 2017

Sunday 31st - 12:51

Watch what they do not what they say edition: Morningstar's own employee funds focus on fees... https://goo.gl/tuPhWU

Sunday 31st - 10:57

Ignore forecasts- focus on allocation, risk tolerance, and fees...and then go to the beach... https://goo.gl/a51jpt

Saturday 30th - 12:51

Most Pundits forecasts for 2017 were wildly inaccurate: it won't stop the same people repeating the exercise in 2018 https://goo.gl/Q47Pg2

Saturday 30th - 10:57

Price and Value are un-related in #Investmentmanagementfees; how to tell if your fund manager is "in the closet"... https://goo.gl/zufrtX

Friday 29th - 16:48

Turn the market's negative sum game positive. #valueinvesting. https://goo.gl/uX4qJg

Friday 29th - 13:51

If you are forecasting a crash you'd better be accurate. 74% accurate in fact. Average accuracy is 29-66%. Caveat... https://goo.gl/4VSL7q

Friday 29th - 11:52

According to #AQR, Fixed Income active managers have beaten their benchmarks largely by being overweight junk bonds. https://goo.gl/NBbXJ2

Thursday 28th - 16:48

Bitcoin is a "massive scam" according to this (ex) Broker- and he really ought to know all about scams... https://goo.gl/njJKd3

Thursday 28th - 13:51

The paradox of risk- underperforming funds take EVEN MORE risk at year-end to avoid lagging, and thus losing assets. https://goo.gl/GY4gzb

Thursday 28th - 11:52

The man who predicted #Dow36000 (in 1999!) now feels "vindicated" by the market's recent gains. Is he serious??? https://goo.gl/Z8y6NX

Wednesday 27th - 16:48

Wednesday 27th - 13:51

Feet of clay edition- the big #HedgeFund titans go the way of the dinosaurs, as the market asteroid (passive) hits. https://goo.gl/EYJv4H

Wednesday 27th - 11:52

This week's Blog looks at Bitcoin- is it a bubble? Who's buying? https://goo.gl/pgFyJ2

Tuesday 26th - 16:48

Tuesday 26th - 13:51

Tuesday 26th - 11:52

Yield curve inversions MAY predict recessions etc. but do you really think you will see it before Wall Street? No. https://goo.gl/P8M5tL

Monday 25th - 16:48

Monday 25th - 13:51

Monday 25th - 11:52

BT Investment Management worried about a bubble (caused by ETF's/Indexers)..but are raising EM equity weights anyway https://goo.gl/Wms1TR

Sunday 24th - 12:51

Sunday 24th - 10:57

A hedge fund with 50% of its assets in Bitcoin? Doesn't sound very "hedged": nothing could possibly go wrong... https://goo.gl/c31zum

Saturday 23rd - 12:51

Big South African fund manager's reaction to the Steinhoff collapse? Complete silence, as they didn't see it coming. https://goo.gl/PqTAsi

Saturday 23rd - 10:57

Japan's Government pension fund to enact (shock, horror) performance fees for their Active managers. Cue outrage... https://goo.gl/m3fYhi

Friday 22nd - 16:48

4 reasons why investors DONT get excited when prices drop (unlike in shopping); maybe they should... https://goo.gl/TdZbs4

Friday 22nd - 13:51

As usual, market analysts see the bubble in Bitcoin- in markets (where they get their income) not so much... https://goo.gl/aJxsnr

Friday 22nd - 11:52

Apparently, some fear the return of Inflation next year- in asset price terms, it is already here... https://goo.gl/8i8dUj

Thursday 21st - 16:48

RIP EMH? Its the Dotcom bubble all over again... https://goo.gl/sXHWa1

Thursday 21st - 13:51

Investopedia's' top ten 2017 searches give a good indication of what the year was about... https://goo.gl/442u18

Thursday 21st - 11:52

4 Reasons why Economists are wrong about asset prices- only 4? #diversify #buyandhold. https://goo.gl/dozktw

Wednesday 20th - 16:48

According to this chart, Active managers are "all in" on the equity rally and are actually LEVERED! #markettiming https://goo.gl/afdb3b

Wednesday 20th - 13:51

Another Hedge fund protege calls it a day, as Long/Short strategies increasingly look impossible to sustain. https://goo.gl/U3LP1v

Wednesday 20th - 11:52

More of the same edition- another active manager expects Active managers to do well in 2018... https://goo.gl/fnRiyx

Tuesday 19th - 16:48

Hedge funds struggling to keep up with Chinese equities too, as short positions rise faster than their longs... https://goo.gl/aqtt1N

Tuesday 19th - 13:51

The #SLAberdeen merger has not yet staunched the outflows- returns will dictate what happens next... https://goo.gl/rsPw71

Tuesday 19th - 13:51

The Church moves in mysterious ways; having seen years of underperformance, they are moving to smaller hedge funds. https://goo.gl/G9upJL

Monday 18th - 16:48

Is Fidelity's "Fulcrum fee" model a sign of weakness in active world? Investors may struggle to notice the change https://goo.gl/7jWygD

Monday 18th - 13:51

History repeats for Investors, as "everybody was making too much money to take notice” of what #Steinhoff was doing. https://goo.gl/tbVisk

Monday 18th - 11:52

This weeks Blog puts Active Management on "trial"... https://goo.gl/Psh1Gw

Sunday 17th - 12:51

Follow the money edition- top politicians to gain from reductions in "pass-through" income levies... https://goo.gl/P1aLrL

Sunday 17th - 10:57

Jamie Dimon confirms Bogle's fears re: the Corporate response to Trump's tax cuts... https://goo.gl/Eqj7wa

Saturday 16th - 12:51

"Active share", once touted as a precursor of advance indication of outperformance, appears to do no such thing... https://goo.gl/HfWZkj

Saturday 16th - 10:57

S.A Conglomerate gets into financial trouble, but Active managers own it too. What happened to meticulous research? https://goo.gl/6k9mE7

Friday 15th - 16:48

If the Long/Short Hedge fund model dies, they will just go further along the risk scale to generate returns... https://goo.gl/FrooVh

Friday 15th - 13:51

Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Zweig talks about the "abysmal art" of investing and how to survive it. https://goo.gl/zpPPeB

Friday 15th - 11:52

The Chair of the #FCA's fee probe panel has had to apologise for these comments. What part of them is wrong? https://goo.gl/Ay9Apm

Thursday 14th - 16:48

In a High-Frequency news cycle, it is important to avoid the noise; start by switching off Bloomberg TV... https://goo.gl/dT6Bt9

Thursday 14th - 13:51

Sector rotation becomes extreme, cutting Fund Manager's yearly gains. Why not just own it all? https://goo.gl/mwPpCU

Thursday 14th - 11:52

49% of Active funds have beaten their BM-the best since 2009- a positive factor? A reason to buy into Active? https://goo.gl/m1nz8W

Wednesday 13th - 16:48

Is Bitcoin being used as a haven against #hyperinflation by wealthy EM families? It may explain its popularity... https://goo.gl/J1xw24

Wednesday 13th - 13:51

According to Bogle, Pension funds will bear the brunt of low interest rates- thanks to the Fed,BOJ etc. https://goo.gl/4MFww1

Wednesday 13th - 11:52

As usual forecasts of a crash are mysteriously short of a timescale; more " value-added" analysis from Fund managers https://goo.gl/z8uixQ

Tuesday 12th - 16:48

The best argument for NOT buying IPO's (or Wall Street/City products). They know what they are selling-do you? https://goo.gl/U2cCEE

Tuesday 12th - 13:51

What's in your ESG portfolio? Macdonalds, Conoco, Phillip Morris? You might be (unpleasantly) surprised... https://goo.gl/jHLkJL

Tuesday 12th - 11:52

McKinsey study foresees a 20-year struggle for Asset Managers; most won't survive... https://goo.gl/RYJ8Q4

Monday 11th - 16:48

This article touts "outrageous" predictions for 2018. Some might describe the whole process as outrageous-or stupid. https://goo.gl/HSZX2m

Monday 11th - 13:51

#CognitiveDissonance alert- Institutions expect asset bubbles to form, but think Active Managment is the solution. https://goo.gl/PjwkWc

Monday 11th - 11:52

The paradox of Active manager diversification; the more they do so, the more they become the Index funds they fear.. https://goo.gl/Vm46fw

Sunday 10th - 12:51

A graphical illustration of #riskandreturn, from Netwealth investments. https://goo.gl/uGEczh

Sunday 10th - 10:57

As"Index funds" numbers expand relentlessly, they are getting more concentrated-straying from the original intent. https://goo.gl/vhqZR8

Saturday 9th - 12:51

UK Institutions warn investors of bubble risks, whilst assuring all who would listen that THEIR portfolios are safe. https://goo.gl/fwcWKB

Saturday 9th - 10:57

Is there pressure on policymakers to go after #Indexfunds on spurious "competition " grounds. It could happen... https://goo.gl/tEpyVx

Friday 8th - 16:48

Are fund managers "virtue signaling" in their push towards Green investments? They certainly won't bear the costs... https://goo.gl/CwDCFF

Friday 8th - 13:51

Vanguard and Blackrock between them could run $20 trillion in assets in a decade (if you extrapolate endlessly ...) https://goo.gl/v66PZJ

Friday 8th - 11:52

Morningstar asks if Multi-Manager fees are too high; not sure you need an interview to work that out... https://goo.gl/Ugw8QW

Thursday 7th - 16:48

Public Pensions, whilst in deficit, are pushing ESG policies, but CIOs don't have them in their OWN pension plans... https://goo.gl/5DeSqj

Thursday 7th - 13:51

Be careful what you wish for- Bond managers want more volatility for Christmas. They may well get it... https://goo.gl/nC7M2Z

Thursday 7th - 11:52

Fund trading costs can multiply OCFs by up to 4 times according to this study. Look for low turnover funds. https://goo.gl/tFVDTv

Wednesday 6th - 16:48

Is "political noise" why markets fear correction? It has much less effect on asset prices than most imagine... https://goo.gl/hkVZdp

Wednesday 6th - 13:51

Market "skewing" can blur what happens in market averages- unless you own all of the components. #indexinvesting. https://goo.gl/pGogKY

Wednesday 6th - 11:52

“Contrarian portfolio management can add to long-term returns,”-possibly, but that's not what Managers actually DO. https://goo.gl/JLUBx6

Tuesday 5th - 16:48

This article complains about the role of Central Banks in the growth if income inequality; all true, but of no help. https://goo.gl/es6voL

Tuesday 5th - 13:51

Be careful what you measure- the role of incentives in fund manager performance. You don't always get what you want. https://goo.gl/WDQ8WV

Tuesday 5th - 11:52

Past performance of a fund tells you nothing about future returns- except when they are expensive... https://goo.gl/9QzhNV

Monday 4th - 16:48

Another sign of the demise of Active management? BT looking to sell off its own business. Informed seller? https://goo.gl/uyphFV

Monday 4th - 13:51

Meet the new (Fed) boss- same as the old boss... https://goo.gl/CRd6uZ

Monday 4th - 11:52

This week's Blog looks at Bonds in general and Credit risk in particular. https://goo.gl/GNNca5

Sunday 3rd - 12:51

And here's why... https://goo.gl/H1H9VS

Sunday 3rd - 10:57

Will the much-touted tax cuts REALLY benefit ordinary people? Jack Bogle thinks not. #Followthemoney... https://goo.gl/daKyBH

Saturday 2nd - 12:51

Who's afraid of Jeremy Corbyn? Not Infrastructure fund investors; this could get interesting very soon... https://goo.gl/4WMuEf

Saturday 2nd - 10:57

Least surprising story of the week- a US bank overcharging clients- this time in FX transactions. https://goo.gl/mgBcTf

Friday 1st - 16:48

As Vanguard's CIO says, Index investing is all about costs- the ball is in Active manager's court-what will they do? https://goo.gl/6GrycZ

Friday 1st - 13:51

Defining #Irrationalexuberance doesn't help with timing markets- because there isn't a consistent definition. https://goo.gl/pDPFqK

Friday 1st - 11:52

If variable fee structures proliferate, fund manager comparisons will be much harder- isn't that the idea? https://goo.gl/c5Uwto