EBI Tweets

November, 2014

Sunday 30th - 12:51

Addressing the myth of inefficient developing markets. http://goo.gl/yMnguG

Sunday 30th - 10:57

Vanguard on how advisers add value. http://goo.gl/O6ZCm1

Saturday 29th - 12:51

Fund Managers make mistakes,and investors pay for it... http://goo.gl/imYZnB

Saturday 29th - 10:57

Majority of active managers last beat the market .....in 2007. http://goo.gl/oV6rhq

Friday 28th - 19:57

The fruitless search for manager alpha http://goo.gl/tNoHHW

Friday 28th - 15:41

The odds of selecting superior active managers similar to odds of winning the lottery http://goo.gl/U3VOUd

Friday 28th - 13:51

Benefitting from mean reversion- re-balancing. http://goo.gl/8pwxwj

Friday 28th - 11:52

For Investors, time is the most important element. http://goo.gl/9WyLCI

Thursday 27th - 19:57

Advice from an investment expert. http://goo.gl/7M03Oi

Thursday 27th - 15:41

How much is the Total Expense Ratio ? No-one knows !!! http://goo.gl/0g6Cgr

Thursday 27th - 13:51

The odds of finding a manager that outperforms persistently? One in two hundred. http://goo.gl/90oX8z

Thursday 27th - 11:52

Retail Mutual Funds see large redemptions. http://goo.gl/BpdVX2

Wednesday 26th - 19:57

Perpetual I&G cuts fees, but still expensive... http://goo.gl/SJyxyf

Wednesday 26th - 15:41

FSCP wants greater fund manager fees disclosure. http://goo.gl/bf8DJD

Wednesday 26th - 13:51

Pension funds criticise private equity fees. http://goo.gl/n8lumi

Wednesday 26th - 11:52

US state pension schemes dumping Wall Street, buying Index funds. http://goo.gl/41n2SW

Tuesday 25th - 19:57

Do hedge funds really hedge? No. http://goo.gl/DumEO4

Tuesday 25th - 15:41

Active management works....but only in theory.As for the practise.... http://goo.gl/AUKgoL

Tuesday 25th - 13:51

Index funds versus Hedge funds. http://goo.gl/9P2Iuf

Tuesday 25th - 11:52

The Dutch approach to fee disclosure http://goo.gl/R5dJYt

Monday 24th - 19:57

Keeping portfolio valuation in perspective. http://goo.gl/n03Aes

Monday 24th - 15:41

In whose interests are fund manager's fees? http://goo.gl/n03Aes

Monday 24th - 13:51

Long term returns-active versus index funds http://goo.gl/gKGGoK

Monday 24th - 11:52

Child trust funds charge 1.5% for index tracking ! http://goo.gl/ivoK2F

Sunday 23rd - 12:51

Summary of the situation for active managers. http://goo.gl/t614z3

Sunday 23rd - 10:57

Hedge fund managers make money-for themselves http://goo.gl/y4WqCh

Saturday 22nd - 12:51

The first steps towards a global asset market portfolio. http://goo.gl/6OnbZI

Saturday 22nd - 10:57

Luckily, the world is NOT like Wall Street... http://goo.gl/zjqgPR

Friday 21st - 19:57

Just 10% of brokers recommending index funds...so far. http://goo.gl/SQY693

Friday 21st - 15:41

Portfolio turnover and trading costs by fund sector http://goo.gl/rRk5ar

Friday 21st - 13:51

Symmetrical fees for active managers?: http://goo.gl/sizG01

Friday 21st - 11:52

In whose interest are N.D.A'S? http://goo.gl/ufMPrL

Thursday 20th - 19:57

Investment manager wants more open fee disclosure( for fund managers) http://goo.gl/rGrVBd

Thursday 20th - 15:41

More signs of institutional retreat from hedge funds http://goo.gl/KdW5D4

Thursday 20th - 13:51

Questions to ask investment managers http://goo.gl/yKBkkx

Thursday 20th - 11:52

Worst year for active managers since 2003 http://goo.gl/56Ha3S

Wednesday 19th - 19:57

Managers don't know the extent of their own fees to investors- really...? http://goo.gl/Oc7UKF

Wednesday 19th - 15:41

Can "smart beta" strategies consistently perform? http://goo.gl/MIzOEv

Wednesday 19th - 13:51

Watchdog wants more transparancy on fees http://goo.gl/rGrVBd

Wednesday 19th - 11:52

There's a difference between fund returns and investor's returns. http://goo.gl/dk2cRz

Tuesday 18th - 19:57

Persistant outflows form active funds http://goo.gl/CSDrxO

Tuesday 18th - 15:41

How to react to a bear market-don't. http://goo.gl/dAFPLf

Tuesday 18th - 13:51

In Oz, 45% of returns over 5 years go in fees http://goo.gl/ZYqvmc

Tuesday 18th - 11:52

Active managers underperform in Canada too. http://goo.gl/Nsjtaz

Monday 17th - 19:57

Bond investors going passive too http://goo.gl/YlsZAz

Monday 17th - 15:41

How to avoid active manager underperformance http://goo.gl/XUPaIk

Monday 17th - 13:51

Indexing is winning, even if it hasn't yet won. http://goo.gl/WYAiO3

Monday 17th - 11:52

Negative hedge fund performance,net redmeptions for October http://goo.gl/wWeaWj

Sunday 16th - 12:51

Another active manager launches index tracker... http://goo.gl/Z4v4Nq

Sunday 16th - 10:57

If it is good enough for Buffet... http://goo.gl/Z4v4Nq

Saturday 15th - 12:51

A novel fee structure... http://goo.gl/rnUAaj

Saturday 15th - 10:57

Total return versus investor return-they are not the same ! http://goo.gl/SQ7zHo

Friday 14th - 19:57

"Experts " no better than amateurs at investing http://goo.gl/uZUmIm

Friday 14th - 15:41

Anniversary of an important investment article http://goo.gl/0IkVdE

Friday 14th - 13:51

Investors desert active managers http://goo.gl/UjOpqV

Friday 14th - 11:52

Global growth of assets under management http://goo.gl/pl4s0F

Thursday 13th - 19:57

Behavioural reasons NOT to sell http://goo.gl/4x6ehw

Thursday 13th - 15:41

Study points to "overambitious" returns targets http://goo.gl/1i0n42

Thursday 13th - 13:51

Time in, not timing, the market. http://goo.gl/9RqLIJ

Thursday 13th - 11:52

De-bunking the myths about index investing. http://goo.gl/BHo8ET

Wednesday 12th - 19:57

ETF'S/ETP'S gain from active manager's failures http://goo.gl/kQo9ba

Wednesday 12th - 15:41

Is it just flat markets causing AUM falls for active managers? http://goo.gl/bRiq5k

Wednesday 12th - 13:51

Re-Balancing as a discipline-one approach http://goo.gl/qIzmO5

Wednesday 12th - 11:52

Vanguard continues to attract funds http://goo.gl/iPIH7i

Tuesday 11th - 19:57

Index funds pressure mutual fund fees. http://goo.gl/7kzH9W

Tuesday 11th - 15:41

New firm sets out to highlight fund fees. http://goo.gl/5BcFmb

Tuesday 11th - 13:51

Vanguard gets the benefit of index investing. http://goo.gl/2EorLr

Tuesday 11th - 11:52

The Swiss have gone passive. http://goo.gl/rII8vV

Monday 10th - 19:57

UK Charities prefer active management -"currently" http://goo.gl/ndpKRg

Monday 10th - 15:41

Active manager performance at a 10 year low http://goo.gl/71GHFd

Monday 10th - 13:51

Academic research on why EBI philosophy works http://goo.gl/y1KWGg

Monday 10th - 11:52

Pimco cuts fees to stem the outflows http://goo.gl/yXquxM

Sunday 9th - 12:51

Performance chasing and returns persistance http://goo.gl/jUpdwu

Sunday 9th - 10:57

Week-end humour http://goo.gl/RWiCu1

Saturday 8th - 12:51

Beginners guide to Modern Portfolio Theory . http://goo.gl/yRF2Vk

Saturday 8th - 10:57

Cost/Benefit analysis on active investing http://goo.gl/O0KnHr

Friday 7th - 19:57

The impossibility of beating the market in the long term http://goo.gl/Gr6vmT

Friday 7th - 15:41

Investments ranked by value http://goo.gl/Ckkchp

Friday 7th - 13:51

Problems in comparing ETF charges and returns http://goo.gl/L8uQVs

Friday 7th - 11:52

Behavioural barriers to investing successfully http://goo.gl/4Fy0wl

Thursday 6th - 19:57

Evidence based investment planning http://goo.gl/Lvu52h

Thursday 6th - 15:41

High fees= poor performance ! http://goo.gl/ibdcE4

Thursday 6th - 13:51

Are investors really afraid of risk ? http://goo.gl/0QsqfL

Thursday 6th - 11:52

The perils of activity in investing http://goo.gl/8n2QN1

Wednesday 5th - 19:57

"Active " managers herd as the market retreats http://goo.gl/8ZTdYY

Wednesday 5th - 15:41

Retreat from active managers continues http://goo.gl/8ZTdYY

Wednesday 5th - 13:51

Will the LGPS vote for passive? http://goo.gl/I0s8FA

Wednesday 5th - 11:52

Is "smart beta" the solution to the active/passive debate? http://goo.gl/C8qi6L

Tuesday 4th - 19:57

Performance chasing mutual funds http://goo.gl/X6GDH2

Tuesday 4th - 15:41

Follow the money(2) http://goo.gl/EsR9fz

Tuesday 4th - 13:51

Active versus Passive-follow the money.. http://goo.gl/Utfmot

Tuesday 4th - 11:52

One IFA'S investment evolution http://goo.gl/VgA6Ds

Monday 3rd - 19:57

Big cuts to index fund charges http://goo.gl/Xs2pi7

Monday 3rd - 15:41

Jack Bogle on the benefits of index funds http://goo.gl/hd0h0b

Monday 3rd - 13:51

Trackers should be low cost http://goo.gl/FbNgn4

Monday 3rd - 11:52

C.Ellis on the value of active managers-little http://goo.gl/T23oWo

Sunday 2nd - 12:51

Active manager opposes LGPS passive investments ...shock ! http://goo.gl/bl9Fhw

Sunday 2nd - 10:57

Morningstar on how to build a passive portfolio http://goo.gl/mVQwxU

Saturday 1st - 12:51

The hedge fund mirage http://goo.gl/STvV8b

Saturday 1st - 10:57

Promotion of "star" managers bad for your wealth http://goo.gl/RSG3UW

October, 2014

Friday 31st - 19:57

Active mangers as closet trackers http://goo.gl/d8XJK4

Friday 31st - 15:41

Costs eat up returns- Bogle http://goo.gl/7Hq1f2

Friday 31st - 13:51

The appeal of passive investing http://goo.gl/iQl8n1

Friday 31st - 11:52

Difficulties of sticking to buy and hold. http://goo.gl/dKqoIj

Thursday 30th - 19:57

Index funds getting cheaper still.. http://goo.gl/17PLPN

Thursday 30th - 15:41

Even the "experts" cant spot a good active manager ! http://goo.gl/SyuYM1

Thursday 30th - 13:51

Interview on benefits of passive investing http://goo.gl/fVqeuQ

Thursday 30th - 11:52

Going passive in Oz. http://goo.gl/FpvNoZ

Wednesday 29th - 19:57

"Experts" no better than amateurs at investing http://goo.gl/b2a9Rn

Wednesday 29th - 15:41

Still a long way to go for passive investing http://goo.gl/8pUxfp

Wednesday 29th - 13:51

The costs of mutual fund investing http://goo.gl/PfQPyE

Wednesday 29th - 11:52

Academic evidence on active management http://goo.gl/Axk0on

Tuesday 28th - 19:57

Jack Bogle on investing http://goo.gl/2mTlnT

Tuesday 28th - 15:41

You can't beat the index-but you can track it. http://goo.gl/JYnBgY

Tuesday 28th - 13:51

More evidence on impact of performance chasing http://goo.gl/ojj1S3

Tuesday 28th - 11:52

The long term pressure on fees http://goo.gl/hHNREN

Monday 27th - 19:57

Is the trickle to become a tide? http://goo.gl/IPHE5j

Monday 27th - 15:41

Are there too many active mangers ? http://goo.gl/nJHzKo

Monday 27th - 13:51

The future for hedge funds. http://goo.gl/s97GFt

Monday 27th - 11:52

Performance of passive in the correction http://goo.gl/JEMM0W

Sunday 26th - 11:51

Investing made simple http://goo.gl/0PlLwg

Sunday 26th - 09:57

What not to do to be successful in investing http://goo.gl/CofKoi

Saturday 25th - 12:51

Behavioural issues affect performance http://goo.gl/Ip133g

Saturday 25th - 10:57

How much are you paying for your investments? http://goo.gl/6TALV5

Friday 24th - 19:57

Bogle: active funds do not work http://goo.gl/XHymjF

Friday 24th - 15:41

Concentrate on the long term http://goo.gl/AoKvz8

Friday 24th - 13:51

Bogle versus Pimco http://goo.gl/JJ7D9Y

Friday 24th - 11:52

The importance of costs and long term investment horizons http://goo.gl/0PlLwg

Thursday 23rd - 19:57

Hedge funds underperformed in Q3 http://goo.gl/6lnfDf

Thursday 23rd - 15:41

Interview with Myron Scholes http://goo.gl/TKF9So

Thursday 23rd - 13:51

Costs signalling the demise of boutique managers http://goo.gl/yjbxbz

Thursday 23rd - 11:52

Why we should avoid active funds http://goo.gl/xD6p9X

Wednesday 22nd - 15:17

Time in, not timing is key to outperformance http://seekingalpha.com/article/2572535-is-passive-or-active-better

Monday 20th - 13:51

Research doesn't help performance http://is.gd/lVttHF

Monday 20th - 11:52

Costs of investing in active funds. http://is.gd/NaAlPS

Sunday 19th - 12:51

Hedge fund performance up-date http://is.gd/KLHVMJ

Sunday 19th - 10:57

You are your own worst enemy http://is.gd/XjIBr1

Saturday 18th - 12:51

Rules for dealing with a correction http://is.gd/pr1l9g

Saturday 18th - 10:57

Cost difference-active versus passive http://is.gd/0IC6KB

Friday 17th - 19:57

Growth of passive investing in the UK http://is.gd/6GhmTn

Friday 17th - 15:41

Diversify to reduce risk http://is.gd/dWNnMO

Friday 17th - 13:51

If at first market timing doesn't succeed..try again.... http://is.gd/hb9S9K

Friday 17th - 11:52

Three layers of fees = underperformance http://is.gd/PELTbH

Thursday 16th - 19:57

The active management lottery http://is.gd/mbu4I8

Thursday 16th - 15:41

Keep the focus on costs http://is.gd/97oIau

Thursday 16th - 13:51

The use of bonds in a balanced portfolio http://is.gd/oJfpOS

Thursday 16th - 11:52

Portfolio measurement techniques http://is.gd/6lMiac

Wednesday 15th - 19:57

Hedge fund redemptions rising http://is.gd/exOHpA

Wednesday 15th - 15:41

How rare is out-performance ? http://is.gd/I0oaas

Wednesday 15th - 13:51

The tough maths of early retirement http://is.gd/Oh6YkL

Wednesday 15th - 11:52

Investing for retirement. http://is.gd/VDMXOD

Tuesday 14th - 19:57

Active managers do not outperform in bear markets either! http://is.gd/IQejRP

Tuesday 14th - 15:41

If you can't beat passive... http://is.gd/KOksPK

Tuesday 14th - 13:51

Buy and hold versus trading http://is.gd/qn4TOq

Tuesday 14th - 11:52

The mathematics of active investing. http://is.gd/MIRPON

Monday 13th - 19:57

The weight of evidence http://is.gd/uK1AxT

Monday 13th - 15:41

Whoops-market timing problems... http://is.gd/jprGbk

Monday 13th - 13:51

Size matters-but not in the usual way http://is.gd/QICk1L

Monday 13th - 11:52

Stick to your plan http://is.gd/YJIQzq

Sunday 12th - 12:51

Hedge funds mimicking the indices http://is.gd/P9JyR4

Sunday 12th - 10:57

What to focus on in uncertain times http://is.gd/koIyRP

Saturday 11th - 12:51

Another two US pension schemes move to indexing http://is.gd/1an9i5

Saturday 11th - 10:57

Alternative employment for fund managers? http://is.gd/QyTXH4

Friday 10th - 19:57

Compounding fees eat up investing returns http://is.gd/RD9tJ0

Friday 10th - 15:41

Devon C.C to ditch active for smart beta(it is a start!) http://is.gd/aaYeXf

Friday 10th - 13:51

Active v Passive .Where the money is going http://is.gd/8A6Thx

Friday 10th - 11:52

Effects of losses on risk preference-a study http://is.gd/EoA8PG

Thursday 9th - 19:57

The costs of investing http://is.gd/47B74N

Thursday 9th - 15:41

Comparing different tracker funds http://is.gd/XLfNcb

Thursday 9th - 13:51

Paying for failure http://is.gd/2Rb8Fw

Thursday 9th - 11:52

US,UK and now Oz active mangers underperform http://is.gd/GDnNOV

Wednesday 8th - 19:57

Why do people invest actively? http://is.gd/znC71s

Wednesday 8th - 15:41

Cut out the middleman http://is.gd/tIhHW6

Wednesday 8th - 13:51

Hall of Investment shame-most active managers http://is.gd/Fiv38G

Wednesday 8th - 11:52

New study favours tracking indices http://is.gd/DCg1Ou

Tuesday 7th - 19:57

Performance taking or performance seeking ? http://is.gd/gWtq0P

Tuesday 7th - 15:41

Can indexing get too big ? http://is.gd/LYsUDc

Tuesday 7th - 13:51

Stick to the plan http://is.gd/6dmQjc

Tuesday 7th - 11:52

Fixed fees for managers-a good start.. http://is.gd/NWYgMr

Monday 6th - 19:57

Keeping it simple in investing http://is.gd/6c3QgR

Monday 6th - 15:41

Interview with Vanguard chief exec http://is.gd/UhDp0S

Monday 6th - 13:51

Dollar cost averaging and Index Funds http://is.gd/FjVIPR

Monday 6th - 11:52

Active versus Passive. Further evidence http://is.gd/VzwqbK

Saturday 4th - 12:51

The Warren Buffet philosophy http://is.gd/9cy9sT

Saturday 4th - 10:57

Can active mangers show their value? http://is.gd/0gBW1h

Friday 3rd - 19:57

The case for passive http://is.gd/5UdnQ0

Friday 3rd - 15:41

Keys to good passive investment returns http://is.gd/OsfCb0

Friday 3rd - 13:51

Do we need hedge funds? http://is.gd/9wyLim

Friday 3rd - 11:52

Another public sector review of Hedge Funds investment http://is.gd/MV4AQ7

Thursday 2nd - 19:57

Closet trackers misleading investors http://is.gd/hBCLtn

Thursday 2nd - 15:41

Could Index funds benefit from Pimco problems? http://is.gd/g69vRt

Thursday 2nd - 13:51

Risks of performance fees http://is.gd/CEh9zc

Thursday 2nd - 11:52

Brent council drops hedge funds http://is.gd/YNqLbE

Wednesday 1st - 19:57

Passive versus active-more evidence http://is.gd/B2Tmvh

Wednesday 1st - 15:41

Calpers-costs matter http://is.gd/wQYflV

Wednesday 1st - 13:51

Buffet's 3 rules for investing success http://is.gd/qlNPPf

Wednesday 1st - 11:52

Does inertia pay? http://is.gd/oDhSnm

September, 2014

Tuesday 30th - 19:57

Low fees mean better returns http://is.gd/ycA8aa

Tuesday 30th - 15:41

UK funds exiting Hedge funds http://is.gd/raA3w3

Tuesday 30th - 13:51

Why passive investing workd http://is.gd/WhuacT

Tuesday 30th - 11:52

Animals smarter than investors? http://is.gd/Jaj8Ns

Monday 29th - 19:57

How active is your active manager ? http://is.gd/wsl0Cx

Monday 29th - 15:41

Gains at taxpayers' expense http://is.gd/xbUApF

Monday 29th - 13:51

Get a slice of the pie http://is.gd/r3xxKe

Monday 29th - 11:52

Key to wealth building http://is.gd/Sm7Lbj

Sunday 28th - 13:51

A passive investors' story http://is.gd/jT1bJ0

Sunday 28th - 09:51

Active vs Passive investing http://is.gd/DH6P32

Saturday 27th - 14:51

Costs: ETF's versus Index Trackers http://is.gd/DhBy4o

Saturday 27th - 10:57

Hidden costs in active funds http://is.gd/wBcQjh

Friday 26th - 19:57

Dealing with market uncertainty http://is.gd/pvWUtO

Friday 26th - 15:41

Do hedge funds hedge? http://is.gd/e3fvYU

Friday 26th - 13:51

How to increase your nest egg http://is.gd/ghzNZs

Friday 26th - 11:51

Higher fees,worse performance http://is.gd/qypnT8

Friday 26th - 09:37

Fund Manager says his industry overcharges http://is.gd/Ou9Xui

Thursday 25th - 19:57

Performance chasing http://is.gd/9kZsky

Thursday 25th - 15:41

All those fees http://is.gd/F5oKqY

Thursday 25th - 13:51

Passive investing to improve pension scheme returns http://is.gd/F0UvLT

Thursday 25th - 11:51

Indexing -good enough for MPs http://is.gd/78hf6W

Wednesday 24th - 19:57

When fees cost more than taxes http://is.gd/d1GlAj

Wednesday 24th - 15:41

Hedge funds again underperform http://is.gd/F3IQ7t

Wednesday 24th - 13:51

Safe bet for Buffet http://is.gd/aZYl2z

Wednesday 24th - 11:51

Indexing -a cure for self sabotage http://is.gd/lZqdIC

Tuesday 23rd - 19:57

Is your fund an index tracker ? http://is.gd/Yz7Pms

Tuesday 23rd - 15:41

The right time for active investing http://is.gd/0gR8bj

Tuesday 23rd - 13:51

Index Investing http://is.gd/tPQ3Mq

Tuesday 23rd - 11:51

Landmark for passive investment process http://is.gd/ACSFqo

Monday 22nd - 19:57

Fees versus performance correlation http://ow.ly/i/6MbCj

Monday 22nd - 15:41

Index Funds triumph http://is.gd/Sqckwy

Friday 19th - 16:41

Threat to active managers grows http://is.gd/duZ7A8