EBI Tweets

November, 2017

Wednesday 22nd - 16:48

#AQR talks sense on Passive versus Active- it is the latter, not the former that is too big... https://goo.gl/uBwUiB

Wednesday 22nd - 13:51

Alpha is hard to persistently deliver...becasue there are too many (Hedge fund?) players chasing it... https://goo.gl/A9rzwK

Wednesday 22nd - 11:52

Not quite as "easy " as it may seem- what happens to your money when you invest in an #Indextracker... https://goo.gl/cP3Z1o

Tuesday 21st - 16:48

Holding cash can be dangerous- if you just hold it. Its value is in optionality, i.e. what you do with it. https://goo.gl/LWYeEu

Tuesday 21st - 13:51

The #OverConfidence effect on investment performance; strangely, only c.50% of the population are affected... https://goo.gl/zKcfqn

Tuesday 21st - 11:52

Equity Income has been a hot sector over the last 5 years- but some funds have left investors high and dry. https://goo.gl/8pEBwm

Monday 20th - 16:48

Could Amazon, Google and Apple take out asset managers from the investment industry? They look tempting targets... https://goo.gl/pKQhFH

Monday 20th - 13:51

The Fallacy of Composition- diversifying in Active funds INCREASES your chance of underperforming (and costs more). https://goo.gl/VwFnNe

Monday 20th - 11:52

Apart from better returns, Passive investing frees up time -for more value generating activities (for clients)... https://goo.gl/kpyqJU

Sunday 19th - 12:51

Only in Japan... https://goo.gl/bVUSRC

Sunday 19th - 10:57

Shiller calls Passive investing "chaotic"- I look forward to the launch of Shiller Active fund to take advantage... https://goo.gl/kYSHte

Saturday 18th - 12:51

The "positive feedback" effect on asset prices and how they affect sentiment (and maybe cause bubbles). https://goo.gl/qaL9Ge

Saturday 18th - 10:57

Norway's Wealth fund to reduce purchases of Oil and Gas stocks-its called diversification and seems eminently sound. https://goo.gl/eAKcAM

Friday 17th - 16:48

What the S&P 500 returns is WAY above what investors receive...#markettimingfails https://goo.gl/7SMqov

Friday 17th - 13:51

Lower fund costs should be unmitigated good news, but fund managers lose income- hence their opposition... https://goo.gl/koCWWa

Friday 17th - 11:52

Will the fund industry ever openly disclose its fees? No, which is why we (and others) increasingly use Vanguard... https://goo.gl/UZb6Cu

Thursday 16th - 16:48

The Hedge fund investor who lost his bet with Buffett blames the Fed- not the fees. Hmmm. https://goo.gl/Jrheak

Thursday 16th - 13:51

Fund ratings assume managers have skill- when luck dominates, -as is mostly the case- they lose their usefulness. https://goo.gl/L3fFqf

Thursday 16th - 11:52

Swedroe explains why embracing #Activemanagment won't achieve your financial goals...ever! https://goo.gl/ajEEMc

Wednesday 15th - 16:48

Momentum works- ignore it at your peril! https://goo.gl/GttN2A

Wednesday 15th - 13:51

Forget the hype- there are just 3 reasons for the rise of Passive investing: cost, transparency, and performance... https://goo.gl/cmvBa6

Wednesday 15th - 11:52

If you do the RIGHT Due Diligence on #Activefunds...you would never invest with them. https://goo.gl/i1G5RM

Tuesday 14th - 16:48

Why Psychology is an input for an investor... https://goo.gl/Z4crDi

Tuesday 14th - 13:51

Most of the criticism of Passive/ETF investing is to do with a loss of income for Active managers. Ignore it... https://goo.gl/rCvyxy

Tuesday 14th - 11:52

According to a new Fidelity study, women are better investors than men; why? Because they invest like an Indexer... https://goo.gl/H5Hhzf

Monday 13th - 16:48

Of course, the "rich" should pay their fair share of tax...but if given the chance to do the same, would we pay it? https://goo.gl/JBSV8T

Monday 13th - 13:51

Correlations between your asset holdings are what really matters for a diversified portfolio. https://goo.gl/pJh9kF

Monday 13th - 11:52

While it is always nice to see a (Hedge Fund) sinner repent, it really shouldn't take losing $1 million to do so.... https://goo.gl/96GtGz

Sunday 12th - 12:51

Multi-Asset managers accused of "daylight robbery"- at least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask... https://goo.gl/km4eHh

Sunday 12th - 10:57

September was another record month for Retail fund buying...but the UK lags behind again as investors buy Overseas. https://goo.gl/orLRQr

Saturday 11th - 12:51

Here are some of the metrics we use when doing our Q2 research reports. https://goo.gl/CAxwkN

Saturday 11th - 10:57

The headline here is misleading; Bogle is not against trading FANG stocks- he's against trading, full stop. https://goo.gl/pgDkQB

Friday 10th - 16:48

Is the "Passive Investing is taking over the World" meme over-hyped. Some think it is... https://goo.gl/fGwpmr

Friday 10th - 13:51

You may believe that a market top is imminent, but the chances of getting the timing right are vanishingly small. https://goo.gl/RENuYA

Friday 10th - 11:52

Think there's a bear market coming? Here's what might happen to you (and your fund's performance)... https://goo.gl/6VfsCY

Thursday 9th - 16:48

As Bond yields fall, so the pressure on Active Managers to chase yield rises- portfolio credit quality suffers... https://goo.gl/mKRzTe

Thursday 9th - 13:51

Clients wanting to buy #Hedgefunds? Here's how to put them straight... https://goo.gl/UtQkdp

Thursday 9th - 11:52

"Academics" suggest Index funds lead to monopoly behavior amongst companies; who is paying for this "research"...? https://goo.gl/XjrGvw

Wednesday 8th - 16:48

Prediction is futile so, er..focus on spotting trends and knowing when to get out of them? Eh ? https://goo.gl/rDQUxh

Wednesday 8th - 13:51

“Active asset allocation is more of an art than a science and there are VERY FEW fund managers who can do it well.” https://goo.gl/aoVmSk

Wednesday 8th - 11:52

Moneywise asks the wrong question- it's not whether managers have lost their touch- did they ever really have it? https://goo.gl/Umx8Tc

Tuesday 7th - 16:48

Irony alert- millionaire CEOs don't like me, says (billionaire) man of the people Bill Ackman. Hmmmm. https://goo.gl/MKBcn2

Tuesday 7th - 13:51

"Me too" stampede as Active managers rush to launch their own ETFs. Credibility lacking? https://goo.gl/tstTcY

Tuesday 7th - 11:52

An antidote to the tide of vitriol aimed at ETFs (and by extension, passive investing)... https://goo.gl/uh1Moe

Monday 6th - 16:48

First Panama, now the Paradise Papers, showing that only the little people pay tax...for the 1% its optional. https://goo.gl/xWjT4w

Monday 6th - 13:51

Another fund boss (this time from AQR), predicts lower real returns on portfolios. This time just 2% p.a. ! https://goo.gl/KnK9DQ

Monday 6th - 11:52

This week's blog looks at Risk - in all its forms... https://goo.gl/aBoEBK

Sunday 5th - 12:51

Spurious correlation alert- don't invest this way at home! https://goo.gl/KDcqE1

Sunday 5th - 10:57

Having failed to beat Passive funds, Active managers have roped in an "academic" to help pursue a legal challenge... https://goo.gl/s6JYEF

Saturday 4th - 12:51

"Responsible" investing done irresponsibly.. Venezuelan bonds? Whatever next? https://goo.gl/kJb2da

Saturday 4th - 10:57

Pension funds are flocking to ETFs too- it's not just "dumb money" then? https://goo.gl/zrFTey

Friday 3rd - 16:48

Financial sector "trust" is in short supply and not just in Australia. Which is why advisers are vital... https://goo.gl/uAJQs4

Friday 3rd - 13:51

Data overload- another way fund managers conceal their actual returns. What could they possibly have to hide ? https://goo.gl/THpb2r

Friday 3rd - 11:52

As the Fed sells bonds, there will be some sizable buyers- its not all doom and gloom for bond markets... https://goo.gl/z4ax5Z

Thursday 2nd - 16:48

Household ownership of Mutual funds has dropped from 63% in 2010 to just 39% now, as ETF's gain popularity... https://goo.gl/oQ1RbL

Thursday 2nd - 13:51

Behavioral science suggests watching markets TOO closely causes Investors to become risk-averse; don't watch! https://goo.gl/Mm8u5d

Thursday 2nd - 11:52

#Activemanagers are adapting to Passive investing by mimicking them- so, what is the point of them then? https://goo.gl/vk4Znh

Wednesday 1st - 16:48

Investor anomalies ARE strange- but if all invested in this way, there would be lower returns available for Passive https://goo.gl/p6nees

Wednesday 1st - 13:51

Star ratings DONT tell investors whether they will beat the market-only other funds. But they are good for business. https://goo.gl/kbGAe2

Wednesday 1st - 11:52

Could fund fees reach Zero? There's not far to go now... https://goo.gl/sXD1wb

October, 2017

Tuesday 31st - 16:48

PWC forecasts Global Assets will rise to $145 trillion by 2025-if a downturn doesn't intervene first of course... https://goo.gl/qh3Bdm

Tuesday 31st - 13:51

US Pension funds moan about Private Equity fee structures, but still pay them- who's the real sucker? https://goo.gl/k6NKFX

Tuesday 31st - 11:52

Is Vanguard about to experience the law of diminishing returns? Bogle thinks it might be near-we shall see... https://goo.gl/UGG8Ss

Monday 30th - 16:48

More evidence of the lack of performance persistence amongst top funds, this time from Morningstar. https://goo.gl/93aj4x

Monday 30th - 13:51

Is it becoming "unfashionable" to run diversified portfolios? Reliance on manager "skill" rises at the same time... https://goo.gl/P8eGC1

Monday 30th - 11:52

This week's Blog looks at "the most hated bull market in history" and asks why market players are so miserable.... https://goo.gl/iKaLtv

Sunday 29th - 11:51

Here is Vanguard's explanation for the move away from Dilution levies to Swing Pricing. https://goo.gl/oMDY16

Sunday 29th - 09:57

Vanguard recently introduced "#swingpricing" in its mutual fund range; what is it? https://goo.gl/9y2URS

Saturday 28th - 12:51

The "defense" of active investing turns out to be that markets are in error- does that not apply to Active investors https://goo.gl/HV9ruW

Saturday 28th - 10:57

Fund managers choke on their Turkey as the #FCA plans to make the reveal their true fees by Christmas- bah humbug. https://goo.gl/kQ3R1C

Friday 27th - 16:48

The rise of Momentum- all you need to know about how and why it works... https://goo.gl/HqFDd8

Friday 27th - 13:51

Black Swans -what they are and how to deal with them. https://goo.gl/oAMtLZ

Friday 27th - 11:52

Another interview with Jack Bogle in which he again downplays return expectations. 4% p.a. Equities,3% p.a. bonds. https://goo.gl/bvDiyX

Thursday 26th - 16:48

You know you've lost the arguments when you resort to insulting your opponents- who's the REAL sucker? https://goo.gl/NxDVEs

Thursday 26th - 13:51

Active managers failed to foresee the rise of Passive investing- how can we trust them to spot good investments then https://goo.gl/YoxNgE

Thursday 26th - 11:52

As the market rises, analysts/commentators get more bearish- only when they turn bullish will the market turn(south) https://goo.gl/A5vyQx

Wednesday 25th - 16:48

A "stock-pickers market" won't help Active managers- they will just underperform in a different way... https://goo.gl/RRKvv5

Wednesday 25th - 13:51

What do Jack Bogle and Nobel economist Thaler have in common? A very similar approach to Investing... https://goo.gl/WgzoUx

Wednesday 25th - 11:52

Here's why boring is better; it gets the job done without the need for expertise, so EVERYONE should be doing it. https://goo.gl/o7Lkmh

Tuesday 24th - 16:48

Why Fidelity's "fulcrum fee" plan probably won't work (for them). It switches costs rather than lowering them. https://goo.gl/2DjFRR

Tuesday 24th - 13:51

Market timing is expensive. "Being there" is what investors need to achieve. #Stayinvested. https://goo.gl/rbWd45

Tuesday 24th - 11:52

Are your #activefund managers underperforming? Here are a few things you can do... https://goo.gl/1EJKpr

Monday 23rd - 16:48

Examine your risk tolerances here- if you have already "won " the investment game, why not take risk off the table? https://goo.gl/pJebaa

Monday 23rd - 13:51

International investing is all about context; Bogle's US perspective is probably right - from the UK it's different https://goo.gl/A4sg2A

Monday 23rd - 11:52

This week's blog looks at bubbles. the how and the why... https://goo.gl/7kXwPY

Sunday 22nd - 12:51

Wells Fargo brokers made unsuitable recommendations to clients but it was NOT Wells' fault- yeah, right.... https://goo.gl/buP1u5

Sunday 22nd - 10:57

Sage advice from a #Hedgefundmanager- wait for a 10-15% decline...then do what? Sell? https://goo.gl/714bqX

Saturday 21st - 12:51

Where once we had "closet indexing" now we have "greenwashing", as managers compete for the "Green pound" https://goo.gl/hxsvfM

Saturday 21st - 10:57

Sanford Bernstein displays its flexibility when it comes to "Marxist" strategies it once decried, launching 2 ETFs. https://goo.gl/7GbxJe

Friday 20th - 16:48

UK Inflation hits 3%, so rate rises are a done deal? Er, not so fast- the BOE has chickened out many times before... https://goo.gl/SW4fBQ

Friday 20th - 13:51

Google search "dangers of passive investing"; you get 10,000 entries- how many are from Active managers? https://goo.gl/hP7jNZ

Friday 20th - 11:52

#RiskParity makes many (important) assumptions. If they don't hold, a 60/40 portfolio is better (and much cheaper). https://goo.gl/j8YA97

Thursday 19th - 16:48

30 years on from the 1987 Crash, two unanswerable (and thus entirely pointless) questions.. https://goo.gl/21yScm, https://goo.gl/iN42tx

Thursday 19th - 13:51

Investors are "#buyingthedip" every time- the question is, what dip? https://goo.gl/Bb7ahL

Thursday 19th - 11:52

Fund manager believes GARS has been treated "harshly" by ignorant investors- does he has any of his OWN money in it? https://goo.gl/W271AZ

Wednesday 18th - 16:48

Passive funds are bought. Active funds are SOLD- there is a big difference, mainly related to the ease of selling... https://goo.gl/DsL2NB

Wednesday 18th - 13:51

US University funds (once again) see their high-cost Alt fund investments under perform-they're not that clever then https://goo.gl/iAsLW2

Wednesday 18th - 11:52

Millennial Scots are increasingly interested in ESG funds; as usual, fund managers have a product to sell to them. https://goo.gl/zXGkTC

Tuesday 17th - 16:48

An IPS can be a useful addition to an investor's arsenal- if only to remind them what they are aiming to achieve. https://goo.gl/ZiZkkf

Tuesday 17th - 13:51

There are 10,000 US Mutual Funds (and 800 MF managers); plenty of room for "consolidation"- ie. closures.... https://goo.gl/1Fg6Rg

Tuesday 17th - 11:52

"The idea that old defaulters won’t do it again has gained traction". The reason for Junk bonds popularity? Oh dear. https://goo.gl/A92QkT

Monday 16th - 16:48

The problem for Active managers- even if they do it the right way, short-term clients get impatient..and sell... https://goo.gl/gk9VZv

Monday 16th - 13:51

#Markettiming requires the investor to get it right TWICE...which is why it rarely works... https://goo.gl/jwoXG1

Monday 16th - 11:52

A neat summary of the Active/Passive debate. Are active managers (finally) conceding that costs are THE major issue? https://goo.gl/PCY7W4

Sunday 15th - 12:51

What has made Vanguard so successful? If you said low fees, you are not seeing the whole picture... https://goo.gl/ZCsMo5

Sunday 15th - 10:57

Can "Impact" funds provide an ethical guide AND acceptable returns? Depends on the definition of "acceptable"... https://goo.gl/upnSHW

Saturday 14th - 12:51

Performance fees for Active managers are all very well, but if transparency does not improve, faith will not recover https://goo.gl/BMwTB1

Saturday 14th - 10:57

$2500 an hour fees to speak to an analyst at Morgan Stanley; as good a reason as any to forego research altogether! https://goo.gl/xmYrYi

Friday 13th - 16:48

Fallen Hedge fund star to return with 2.75% AMC and research costs paid by investors: are they REALLY that gullible? https://goo.gl/Y34ZCq

Friday 13th - 13:51

Fund manager touts "conviction" as the key to investment success...problem: other managers have "conviction" too... https://goo.gl/2GdkdB

Friday 13th - 11:52

Next time you hear a stock tip, ask what the tipper knows that the market doesn't: answer = nothing... https://goo.gl/MXDC7w

Thursday 12th - 16:48

You are highly unlikely to "get rich quick" using market timing, but you might get poor in the same space of time. https://goo.gl/DkkjpZ

Thursday 12th - 13:51

The perfect response to market pundits... https://goo.gl/CzA8XE

Thursday 12th - 11:52

Fidelity and Amundi stand out as requiring clients to pay for Research post MIFID. Not sure clients will acquiesce..https://goo.gl/hHu7N9

Wednesday 11th - 16:48

If you can't beat Indexing over performance, try legal/regulatory measures to protect Active funds' vested interests https://goo.gl/VTht2v

Wednesday 11th - 13:51

Fidelity grabbed the headlines with its new performance fee model, but questions remain; still no details on levels. https://goo.gl/mqHt2h

Wednesday 11th - 11:52

Another Hedge fund closes, after a truly dreadful performance; the usual suspects are blamed- but not themselves... https://goo.gl/mdweWq

Tuesday 10th - 16:48

Another "October crash" article- roll on November... https://goo.gl/vAQbXr

Tuesday 10th - 13:51

You make not like current market action, but the market does not care one iota. Keep calm and #stayinvested... https://goo.gl/h8gMfo

Tuesday 10th - 11:52

Another example of what we pointed out re: ESG criteria in our blog this week. https://goo.gl/GcVjhz https://goo.gl/DTAmxF

Monday 9th - 16:48

SL joins the fund price war; but it has nothing to do with Vanguard etc. OK, got it. https://goo.gl/XYMaZZ

Monday 9th - 13:51

ETFs dont work for Ethical investors, due to "customisability"; but doesn't this apply to ALL funds? https://goo.gl/GBC8Ao

Monday 9th - 11:52

This weeks bog looks at ESG; is this a way to do "good" and make good money? https://goo.gl/DTAmxF

Sunday 8th - 12:51

54% of Active managers are beating their benchmarks in 2017. And this is a record? How bad does it get? https://goo.gl/CqSTSw

Sunday 8th - 10:57

Nearly half of asset management firms have not (publicly) decided what to do about research costs and who pays.. https://goo.gl/H2bnPL

Saturday 7th - 12:51

Morningstar research demonstrates Active manager under-performance is global and not confined to the US... https://goo.gl/gXUUmr

Saturday 7th - 10:57

Passive funds own less than 20% of global equities- they trade infrequently. How could they possibly "set prices"? https://goo.gl/pHQwgB

Friday 6th - 16:48

As in the UK, a large percentage of the worst performing, most expensive Aussie funds are run by Banks. Coincidence? https://goo.gl/mwb6ts

Friday 6th - 13:51

Time is WAY more important than timing; what matters is getting to the destination, not how fast you do so. https://goo.gl/s1nGid

Friday 6th - 11:52

Hedge fund managers trying to "catch up" with market returns. Are they responsible for the recent equity surge? https://goo.gl/JmYdfQ

Thursday 5th - 16:48

More evidence of the move towards Global Portfolios as investors sell the UK... https://goo.gl/jGVwCn

Thursday 5th - 13:51

The #FCA's recent report on the asset management industry may raise more questions than it answers... https://goo.gl/F8TJYM

Thursday 5th - 11:52

Get rid of one previously hot fund manager in favour of another (who is hot now). More journalistic tripe... https://goo.gl/he6gKd

Wednesday 4th - 16:48

Buffett finds another mug, er, Hedge fund manager to take an Index versus Passive bet. This time it's different...? https://goo.gl/znGhJY

Wednesday 4th - 13:51

According to this study, the relationship between portfolio turnover and return is inverse. #markettiming https://goo.gl/VYwkBv

Wednesday 4th - 11:52

Fidelity to introduce #performancefees for their Active funds; a start, but details are lacking for now. https://goo.gl/e5MbTZ

Tuesday 3rd - 16:48

One day, we might just get a defense of #Activemanagement from someone who doesn't benefit from its use... https://goo.gl/f1FrgX

Tuesday 3rd - 13:51

10 years on from the 2007 market peak, 4 lessons we should ALL learn about how to invest (successfully). https://goo.gl/gyAbYj

Tuesday 3rd - 11:52

Opponents of Passive etc. drone on about #marketinefficiency etc. So how do they explain the DROP in correlations? https://goo.gl/NakC1d

Monday 2nd - 16:48

The cards are stacked against investors in Active funds both from an investment AND legal perspective... https://goo.gl/ydApZX

Monday 2nd - 13:51

Is this a problem for Woodford, or for promoters of Active funds generally (ahem... HL). https://goo.gl/8z7eWf

Monday 2nd - 11:52

This week's blog looks at market breadth and comes to a different conclusion to the norm (as you might expect)... https://goo.gl/Vovj6c

Sunday 1st - 12:51

One Scheme is putting their"faith" in Active management; I suspect that this will be sorely tested in years to come https://goo.gl/wkX1sS

Sunday 1st - 10:57

#Cognitivedissonance alert- Investors say they need real returns of 8.9%,51% above what Advisers believe is possible https://goo.gl/6nyjqU

September, 2017

Saturday 30th - 12:51

Wise words from the greatest trader of all time... https://goo.gl/hjAkxw

Saturday 30th - 10:57

As the holding period of a fund drops, the informational content of the returns generated therein falls. #Buyandhold https://goo.gl/CGYELY

Friday 29th - 16:48

We need Active managers to prevent bubbles apparently; like the 1999 and 2007 passive bubbles, I assume? https://goo.gl/cLCHse

Friday 29th - 13:51

#Hedgefund chief being made "miserable" by his recent performance- maybe not so much as his investors... https://goo.gl/byoCGD

Friday 29th - 11:52

Apparently, cost-transparency isn't a good thing if it highlights expensive active managers... https://goo.gl/8vKizv

Thursday 28th - 16:48

Even if you bought at the 2007 peak, you have now nearly doubled your money. #Longterminvestment. https://goo.gl/WeFSBL

Thursday 28th - 13:51

Advisor's lack of clarity on manager's research costs mainly due to the fact that the latter prefer it that way... https://goo.gl/ofk7rX

Thursday 28th - 11:52

CDOs are back! Citigroup has a 35-year-old running a new push into an old (and tarnished) marketplace... https://goo.gl/mvBYXT

Wednesday 27th - 16:48

M&G's solution to the underperformance of its "Global Basics" fund. Change the name. #survivorshipbias https://goo.gl/QS8nbW

Wednesday 27th - 13:51

Unless you ARE Buffett, you won't beat the market by using #Activefunds. The winners will be the managers! https://goo.gl/uKzbBW

Wednesday 27th - 11:52

Active managers' scope, as well as AUM size, puts a self-defeating limit on their performance over time. Beware size https://goo.gl/U8AoaD

Tuesday 26th - 16:48

And another one bites the dust... https://goo.gl/KatrxA

Tuesday 26th - 13:51

"History undoubtedly teaches lessons about investment, but it does not say which lesson to apply when".QED #passive. https://goo.gl/1Qmn9P

Tuesday 26th - 11:52

The dynamism of the #FCA know no bounds- they will look at Hedge fund/PE fee transparency by July (2018, I assume). https://goo.gl/bKZ5m3

Monday 25th - 16:48

#Activemanagers are worried by the rise of Passive investing- so much so, they've set up a lobbying group... https://goo.gl/Kzp5of

Monday 25th - 13:51

Vanguard warns of a "decade of muted returns"- they may well be right... https://goo.gl/fZzmfv

Monday 25th - 11:52

This week's blog looks at #diversification; the why and the how... https://goo.gl/9gx4HK

Sunday 24th - 12:51

A good refutation of the "Passive allows CEOs an easy ride" argument. That problem is endemic, not due to Passives. https://goo.gl/qsMvYo

Sunday 24th - 10:57

A critique of Green investment strategies-who pays if it fails to beat Indices? Probably not the advocates... https://goo.gl/v2De9u

Saturday 23rd - 12:51

In investment, costs matter and Buffet's winning bet against #Hedgefunds proves his point... https://goo.gl/tboJsA

Saturday 23rd - 10:57

#MiFID II will force fund managers to accurately value their research input; for many that value will be zero. https://goo.gl/Lq1ozW

Friday 22nd - 16:48

Pension fund cash crunch could curtail PE Investments; though not because they are hugely expensive and over-hyped.. https://goo.gl/ZT2w5A

Friday 22nd - 13:51

Value isn't dead- it's just "resting". Be wary when investors start to write it off... https://goo.gl/D5TPTU

Friday 22nd - 11:52

A new platform has been launched to give access to #Hedgefunds- should be one to avoid... https://goo.gl/jcqHWT

Thursday 21st - 16:48

Hiring and firing on a 3 year horizon leads to buying at the top and selling at the lows. Better to do the opposite. https://goo.gl/9V6K3Z

Thursday 21st - 13:51

The barbell strategy- investors are going for BOTH low risk, low fee AND high risk,high fee investments. https://goo.gl/eo49mG

Thursday 21st - 11:52

Some REALLY big #Assetmanagers are struggling in today's markets; size is becoming an increasing handicap to returns https://goo.gl/h9K2ET

Wednesday 20th - 16:48

Why Investors should prefer Total-Return investing to Dividend Investing. The anomaly persists however... https://goo.gl/33JBtX

Wednesday 20th - 13:51

The Godfather of Value Investing had a few harsh words for stock-pickers: 50 years ago! https://goo.gl/LSvbUQ

Wednesday 20th - 11:52

Female Hedge fund managers (only 10% of the total), and have beaten male equivalents; are these two facts related? https://goo.gl/DmTNMZ

Tuesday 19th - 16:48

Active manager bemoans the shrinking choices available, as the number of stocks fall- that's why prices are rising.. https://goo.gl/xZAxj1

Tuesday 19th - 13:51

Listening to "experts" can cost you a fortune- have a portfolio allocation plan and STICK TO IT... https://goo.gl/Tvsdmr

Tuesday 19th - 12:01

An example of what we mean..re: the last tweet. https://goo.gl/CDCqMU

Tuesday 19th - 11:52

Paradoxically, the quick, panicky rush for the exits on corrections gives the lie to ideas of the end of the bull. https://goo.gl/cY5wLB

Monday 18th - 16:48

#FCA to announce tomorrow what they will do about workplace pension scheme costs; will they follow through on caps? https://goo.gl/aSgFsc

Monday 18th - 13:51

According to this article Buffet's "market indicator" is calling for a market fall. When? Strangely, it doesn't say. https://goo.gl/PPRq7z

Monday 18th - 11:52

This week's blog looks at an alternative way of calculating expected returns https://goo.gl/snRbMZ

Sunday 17th - 12:51

One survey suggests that the move to Passive will go on for years (both Active and Passive managers seem to concur). https://goo.gl/ACXTb6

Sunday 17th - 10:57

Passive is making markets less efficient? Then why can't Active Managers outperform? Because they are not able to. https://goo.gl/B7x9B5

Saturday 16th - 12:51

Multi Asset manager investigates Multi Asset funds and finds they are better than Passives-just dont look at returns https://goo.gl/dvUZng

Saturday 16th - 10:57

Growth versus Value; is it time for the latter to make a comeback? One Investor thinks so.. https://goo.gl/93SRbx

Friday 15th - 16:48

No sign yet of a peak in Active Manager's calls for "Peak Passive". https://goo.gl/MSQorS

Friday 15th - 13:51

The "Sell-in-May" adage works-but only some of the time and we only hear about it on those occasions-stay invested..https://goo.gl/3sWSqm

Friday 15th - 11:52

Why hasn't Passive taken root in Hong Kong? Because Banks do the Investment marketing and they are on commission... https://goo.gl/6V1vv1

Thursday 14th - 16:48

Peak hubris? Scientists believe they can eliminate ALL risk, forever and with 100% certainty. Hmmm. https://goo.gl/hFb6nE

Thursday 14th - 13:51

Private Equity is set to take over the mantle of expensive, pointless and underperforming from Hedge funds... https://goo.gl/MEbwNy

Thursday 14th - 11:52

Larry Swedroe on why " Deep Value" works.. https://goo.gl/mkaCcu

Wednesday 13th - 16:48

UBS tries to allay market watchers fear of an ETF inspired "rush to the exits" if markets fall. https://goo.gl/x1CJUX

Wednesday 13th - 13:51

Further signs of the move towards Global portfolios as money exits the UK for international investment. https://goo.gl/vBac2U

Wednesday 13th - 11:52

Behold, the 100-year bond issuer club just got bigger; why investor have bought them is a conundrum.. https://goo.gl/rgNAQZ

Tuesday 12th - 16:48

Investment consultant survey finds clients happy with #Investmentconsultants-move along, nothing to see here... https://goo.gl/X1zim9

Tuesday 12th - 13:51

More questions for #SJP to answer re performance; let's hope they are more revealing than on their charges... https://goo.gl/LpVQ8t

Tuesday 12th - 11:52

Some of the reasons why #markettiming fails to work for nearly all of us. https://goo.gl/LgL1kY

Monday 11th - 16:48

#Highyield funds offering all of the risks, but little of the returns- no wonder some are disappointed... https://goo.gl/A4dMcU

Monday 11th - 13:51

Why fund managers fail; reason #100. Pairs trading- taking two positions doubles the risk of error (and thus loss). https://goo.gl/qugnPc

Monday 11th - 11:52

This week's blog looks at currency hedging for bonds and equities. Should we or shouldn't we? https://goo.gl/oeogtP

Sunday 10th - 12:51

A new ETF intends to invest in politically pro-Trump companies- sounds like a recipe for disaster (and arguments!). https://goo.gl/WdDUUV

Sunday 10th - 10:57

Fund Rating Groups under pressure to reveal THEIR performance; will they survive the scrutiny? https://goo.gl/6NBb92

Saturday 9th - 12:51

No one has a monopoly on "Quant" investing, which is why there are so different-caveat emptor https://goo.gl/wRCTA8

Saturday 9th - 10:57

Is it possible to "slash" your fees by 0.05%? One manager (with the aid of a pliant media headline) thinks so. https://goo.gl/u1ZcZU

Friday 8th - 16:48

A comprehensive rebuttal to the Active managers' arguments re #marketefficiency. https://goo.gl/Rtg7ZT

Friday 8th - 13:51

UK funds saw more deaths than births last year. Are active managers going the way of the dodo? https://goo.gl/6QSDKm

Friday 8th - 11:52

#Privateequity becoming increasingly "fashionable"; though hedge fund-like fees still ensure Managers benefit most https://goo.gl/ZVqrtc

Thursday 7th - 16:48

Low correlations, high dispersion between stocks is ideal opportunity for Active managers-which they will squander https://goo.gl/5r733t

Thursday 7th - 13:51

The era of Zero management fees has arrived with little fanfare. But much foreboding for #ActiveManagers.... https://goo.gl/51wDz8

Thursday 7th - 11:52

Barclays trading Platform re-launch falls flat. It's obviously harder than it looks (or they make it seem that way!) https://goo.gl/xnVMZM

Wednesday 6th - 16:48

Dual share classes- what are they ..and does it matter? https://goo.gl/5zTQCa

Wednesday 6th - 13:51

The Journalistic knives are out for #NeilWoodford; what goes up will (probably) go down.... https://goo.gl/JLTpVG

Wednesday 6th - 11:52

Bill McNabb pours cold water on the Index/ETF bubble thesis. 15% of Mkt Cap and 5% of volumes is NOT a bubble. https://goo.gl/j8jEut

Tuesday 5th - 16:48

In two years, Vanguard's Institutional AUM has risen by another 50% to $3 trillion. It's not just Individuals... https://goo.gl/FvVzhT

Tuesday 5th - 13:51

A US asset manager has announced the closure of 12 ETF's- but 11 of them are "Bear" funds, so not really a surprise. https://goo.gl/ibFDkH

Tuesday 5th - 11:52

Is the VIX Index "too low"? One of the co-creators of VIX says no-its just reflecting market opinion; that's its job https://goo.gl/LV5XwD

Monday 4th - 16:48

UK Firms paying out more in dividends than pension contributions. We see where their priorities lie;(not pensioners) https://goo.gl/zqX6GB

Monday 4th - 13:51

Why do Investors continue to believe that Active Managers can and do beat the market? Here are some explanations. https://goo.gl/DTgo2N

Monday 4th - 11:52

This week's Blog looks at the US Dollar-is it about to bounce? https://goo.gl/2HwNwb

Sunday 3rd - 12:51

In an ironic twist, Active funds are buying Index provider shares (such as MSCI)... https://goo.gl/T3HJGL

Sunday 3rd - 10:57

Why are equity markets so high? Supply and Demand: little of the former, plenty of the latter... https://goo.gl/6qh389

Saturday 2nd - 12:51

Bloomberg has some advice for Active Managers- stop blaming others and play a "support" role. Can't see it happening https://goo.gl/WZoXbU

Saturday 2nd - 10:57

3x leverage in EM Bonds? You MUST be joking... https://goo.gl/3H9Pc3

Friday 1st - 16:48

Pressure to cut fees is now coming for Active Manager's board rooms too. This is much more difficult to ignore... https://goo.gl/KSBC7b

Friday 1st - 13:51

US Endowments etc. now trying to catch up with markets by buying "Alternative" investments. This will end in tears.. https://goo.gl/fJBCNs

Friday 1st - 11:52

Irony alert- Jim Cramer complains that there's no penalty for Analysts who keep getting market timing calls wrong... https://goo.gl/WeVmcW