EBI Tweets

July, 2017

Sunday 23rd - 10:57

This year's excuse for #Hedgefund failure- oil; what will they lose money on next?? https://goo.gl/BWwxHj

Saturday 22nd - 12:51

US Millennials still favour Real Estate and Cash as their investment choices; equities only just above Gold...https://goo.gl/fgkt6v

Saturday 22nd - 10:57

Swedroe digs deeper into claims of Active Manager out-performance- and doesn't much like what he sees... https://goo.gl/jtNHpv

Friday 21st - 16:48

Is the iconic Bloomberg terminal going to be the next victim of the passive boom? https://goo.gl/sh5MM9

Friday 21st - 13:51

Blackrock's profit falls on their move towards ETF's. For #Activemanagers, profits may well disappear altogether... https://goo.gl/V6t7p4

Friday 21st - 11:52

Now, the FCA wants to look at #Fundsupermarkets; not sure they will find the same problems as with Active managers https://goo.gl/xDnoPK

Thursday 20th - 16:48

iShares the big winner from this years' #ETFflows. https://goo.gl/s37Uq9

Thursday 20th - 13:51

#Activemanager talks a good fight on fees versus Vanguard, but will they sacrifice profits to get nearer to them? https://goo.gl/SZKLCX

Thursday 20th - 11:52

One US State has embarked on a manager fee-cutting drive. Previous beneficiaries are not happy. Hero or zero ? https://goo.gl/bmbMNt

Wednesday 19th - 16:48

Are Investors really going to buy Greek bonds? Hope to triumph over experience once again... https://goo.gl/Tu4g2s

Wednesday 19th - 13:51

Fund manager adopts"cautious approach"; as opposed to his previous reckless one? Pointless analysis edition... https://goo.gl/ByR2G2

Wednesday 19th - 11:52

The rise of Vanguard's #Indexfunds involved some luck- but you make your own luck more often than not... https://goo.gl/LfN7Xg

Tuesday 18th - 16:48

A hedge fund wiling to give fees back if it under-performs its Benchmark- its not clear what the BM is though.... https://goo.gl/eXfJ5i

Tuesday 18th - 13:51

Low stock correlation= good active manager performance; allegedly-lets see how they fail this time... https://goo.gl/v16S9z

Tuesday 18th - 11:52

Interesting piece in which an Active fund admits it had nearly half its money in passive funds-was his fee halved? https://goo.gl/r5chMU

Monday 17th - 16:48

UK Local Authorities piling into Commercial Property: council tax payers be afraid... https://goo.gl/YSDr91

Monday 17th - 13:51

#Backtesting an Investment approach ALWAYS produces great results- or it would never see the light of day! https://goo.gl/oBZuWL

Monday 17th - 11:52

This week's blog looks into the murky world of Investment Consultants- what do they do and what do they add? https://goo.gl/Bza3w9

Sunday 16th - 12:51

Active manager study says Active outperforms in Bear markets. In other news, turkeys against Yuletide celebrations. https://goo.gl/F9DqSr

Sunday 16th - 10:57

Morningstar on the future of Active Management- for some there may not be one! https://goo.gl/ZzKZE5

Saturday 15th - 12:51

As this article points out, if there is an #ETFbubble it is investors seeking a lower cost way to do what they want. https://goo.gl/VDNQgH

Saturday 15th - 10:57

The new Vanguard boss must feel a bit like taking over from Alex Fergusen at Man U- how do you beat that? https://goo.gl/j8PeLb

Friday 14th - 16:48

Not quite #Evidencebasedinvesting... https://goo.gl/Kw5PPB

Friday 14th - 13:51

A changing of the guard at the top of #Vanguard; don't expect the progress to slow any though... https://goo.gl/Wq3xjr

Friday 14th - 11:52

One prediction we can all make is that #Activemanagers will find a new excuse for failure... https://goo.gl/CVe63g

Thursday 13th - 16:48

Should Investors pay managers #performancefees? No-already well-paid employees shouldn't need a bonus for competence https://goo.gl/kUMK2x

Thursday 13th - 13:51

There appears to be a bubble in "Bubble "warnings. Move along, nothing to see here... https://goo.gl/HzRPr8

Thursday 13th - 11:52

Yesterdays "Masters of the Universe" have fallen heavily back to earth. Do Macro Hedge funds really have a future? https://goo.gl/a8XQjn

Wednesday 12th - 16:48

Are "Interval funds" the answer to low returns? No. All they do is exchange investment risk for liquidity risk.... https://goo.gl/n1RvL6

Wednesday 12th - 13:51

Blame is better to give than receive, which is why all those involved in the Dallas pension fiasco are so generous. https://goo.gl/oTK2bT

Wednesday 12th - 11:52

According to Jack Bogle, you only need to do 3 things to succeed in investment. Sounds like good advice to us... https://goo.gl/p8KSoQ

Tuesday 11th - 16:48

One of the platforms our clients use- Nucleus under the microscope. https://goo.gl/18cEcu

Tuesday 11th - 13:51

Not sure if this is really news, but #Hedgefunds have underperformed again in Q2 2017... https://goo.gl/HiFWtn

Tuesday 11th - 11:52

Investment middlemen largely responsible for the rise of Public money in Hedge Funds; blame displacement all round. https://goo.gl/vPsB8K

Monday 10th - 16:48

One market stands out -for all the wrong reasons...it's all about oil for now. https://goo.gl/RoYh79

Monday 10th - 13:51

Another cautionary tale of failed market timing. But at least it wasn't THEIR money... https://goo.gl/ydcWrL

Monday 10th - 11:52

#ETFcom shows the faulty maths behind the BoA headline article...https://goo.gl/Au4Cnn

Sunday 9th - 12:51

Another (less alarmist) way of framing the headline- Vanguard holds less than 90% of the stocks in the S&P 500... https://goo.gl/7L8HHC

Sunday 9th - 10:57

UK Equity funds a notable laggard in May's fund sales- investors finally ridding themselves of #Homebias? https://goo.gl/TNKgg3

Saturday 8th - 12:51

All the FCA's plans for the Fund Management Industry. But how long will it be until Investors see the benefits? https://goo.gl/1ncvxn

Saturday 8th - 10:57

The usual suspects at the top of the popularity charts. Is this really investing or #performancechasing? https://goo.gl/ZzpYRA

Friday 7th - 16:48

Ths Bloomberg article nails some of the "Index investing will eat the market" myths, propagated by (some) brokers... https://goo.gl/eHvLJy

Friday 7th - 13:51

Despite their resources, Institutions don't persistently generate alpha. Neither can your broker. #Indexing https://goo.gl/ZuqkLj

Friday 7th - 11:52

There's a negative correlation between "popularity" of an asset and it's returns- don't follow the herd. https://goo.gl/Mv22XF

Thursday 6th - 16:48

Investor concentration in "popular" funds tends to lead to disappointment. Performance persistence does not exist. https://goo.gl/o4UYsm

Thursday 6th - 13:51

From the other side of the World, a good riposte to the "Passive Bubble" argument so beloved of Active Managers.... https://goo.gl/b2jYcf

Thursday 6th - 11:52

A cautionary tale of what happens when you invest in something you don't understand- keep it as simple as possible. https://goo.gl/71Gjgc

Wednesday 5th - 16:48

Alliance Berstein analysts try again; Bond/Stock correlations have broken down and this will favour Active Managers! https://goo.gl/FxPMEs

Wednesday 5th - 13:51

The #revolvingdoor within the Financial elite continues to turn; God certainly moves in mysterious ways... https://goo.gl/8A186p

Wednesday 5th - 11:52

For some Active Managers, it is the MESSAGE that needs to change- not the performance then? Therein lies the problem https://goo.gl/aGaN3F

Tuesday 4th - 16:48

According to the Federal Reserve, Corporates are the biggest source of share demand-so its not a passive bubble... https://goo.gl/Y5e4kd

Tuesday 4th - 13:51

The dangers of #HomeBias is as acute in Australia as in the UK- and Pension funds here, too, have ignored it... https://goo.gl/UKCmSH

Tuesday 4th - 11:52

Fund Manager profitability is one of the highest in the UK- Fund Manager productivity not so much... https://goo.gl/HRmQoj

Monday 3rd - 16:48

The odds of missing a bear market ONCE are poor- doing so twice are minuscule; why #markettiming fails... https://goo.gl/Po1tw6

Monday 3rd - 13:51

"Watch headcount and investment spend as indicators of reality in contrast to their waffle"-#ActiveManager's future. https://goo.gl/wA4sD8

Monday 3rd - 11:52

This week's Blog looks at the aging of the Western population and its effect on markets. https://goo.gl/2MciRT

Sunday 2nd - 12:51

Another Active manager whines that #fundcosts obsession could be overlooking things- like his income... https://goo.gl/DULt6T

Sunday 2nd - 10:57

Bloomberg's review of the FCA's report on the UK Asset management industry. https://goo.gl/3YGSTv

Saturday 1st - 12:51

Apparently, the solution to worries over trading automation is "work hard"- so Hedge funds have been lazy then... https://goo.gl/qy4xGf

Saturday 1st - 10:57

Ethical investing still has the problem of definition- is Tesla "better" than Ford/GM? No answers forthcoming as yet https://goo.gl/67PoQ9

June, 2017

Friday 30th - 16:48

The Investment Industry has not condemned the #FCA's report:makes one wonder whether lobbying power has won again.. https://goo.gl/DXxWez

Friday 30th - 13:51

Political risk now favors Active managers(according to Sales executive of said firm). Markets unaware of Korea etc ? https://goo.gl/hD5pMv

Friday 30th - 11:52

The low down on the difference between #ETF's and #ETN's; in the latter you have credit risk... https://goo.gl/vXsepN

Thursday 29th - 16:48

When did Hedge funds LAST beat the S&P 500? Not sure, I will have to ask my dad... https://goo.gl/UnXjzk

Thursday 29th - 13:51

When Technology-induced productivity came to Manufacturing, Wall Street cheered- now its after them too; jobs vanish https://goo.gl/FC34Y3

Thursday 29th - 11:52

Amazing fact- DESPITE the abysmal returns, high fees etc. there are 9733 #Hedgefunds STILL in existence ! https://goo.gl/u3fJHj

Wednesday 28th - 16:48

Unsated, SL now looking to gobble up Scottish Widows. #Consolidation frenzy ahead? https://goo.gl/CtNYDy

Wednesday 28th - 13:51

Agree fully with the title of this piece- except I cannot think for whom Hedge Funds ARE an appropriate investment. https://goo.gl/5qrFdW

Wednesday 28th - 11:52

The #FCA's report is out today. Fascinating to see how much industry lobbying has watered it down... https://goo.gl/4AZyqT

Wednesday 28th - 08:55

That FCA report in full... https://goo.gl/LQZNRf

Tuesday 27th - 16:48

"The most hated rally in history" is so, because Active Managers now fear for their jobs... https://goo.gl/pdBKmc

Tuesday 27th - 13:51

How to invest when markets are at all time highs? The same way as you do all the other times- simples... https://goo.gl/a8RSqc

Tuesday 27th - 11:52

Wrong! The FCA's plan for "all in one" charging will merely make explicit what has been the case for years https://goo.gl/hBy6tQ

Monday 26th - 16:48

Mistrust IS driving flows away from #Activemanagers, but there is more to it than just poor incentive structures.. https://goo.gl/FCnYDb

Monday 26th - 13:51

Fund manager herding leads to #concentrationrisk, which in turn leads to big losses when disaster hits. https://goo.gl/Y6HeDF

Monday 26th - 11:52

This weeks blog looks at the shape of Bond Yield curves and what it means for economies and investors. https://goo.gl/n6HZ9e

Sunday 25th - 12:51

One ThinkTank is proposing a public inquiry into the #Economics "profession" and it's role in causing crises... https://goo.gl/c3uj1A

Sunday 25th - 10:57

4 x Levered ETF's on the runway for launch; is this a sign of a peak in bullishness? What could possibly go wrong ? https://goo.gl/A9nju4

Saturday 24th - 12:51

A fool and his (or other peoples') money. Expense Ratio of 9.2% per annum for an ETF !!! https://goo.gl/Nt7tHQ

Saturday 24th - 10:57

China may be in the MSCI Index in 2018, but faces significant Governance and Capital Discipline issues- a long road https://goo.gl/jk8zst

Friday 23rd - 16:48

Are #fundflows what really matter to China when it comes to MSCI Index inclusion? https://goo.gl/yvCqkw

Friday 23rd - 13:51

Could Passive #fundfees drop to zero ? They aren't that far away now! https://goo.gl/VfE1MV

Friday 23rd - 11:52

A simple info graphic showing the difference between Active and #evidencebased investing. https://goo.gl/KaEUSk

Thursday 22nd - 16:48

Big money managers now taking stakes in their smaller rivals...they are now going after the small scale investor. https://goo.gl/byrPuj

Thursday 22nd - 13:51

As with many things, trying to achieve "perfect" diversification often creates as many problems as it solves. KISS https://goo.gl/fykbQJ

Thursday 22nd - 11:52

#Markettiming on the basis of political views is a short route to failure. Don't use either of them to invest. https://goo.gl/nTi6RX

Wednesday 21st - 16:48

Can you use recession indicators to time markets? No- there is no correlation between recessions and stock prices ! https://goo.gl/mGScAh

Wednesday 21st - 13:51

Here we go again...Hedge Fund launches on the rise as Investors seek (slightly) newer ways to under perform.. https://goo.gl/6rzEHc

Wednesday 21st - 11:52

#MSCI finally adds China to its Emerging Markets Index. Saudi Arabia and Nigeria to follow? https://goo.gl/m9VbSs

Tuesday 20th - 16:48

Larry Swedroe looks at the latest #SPIVA report; more of the same (bad) news for Active proponents.. https://goo.gl/b2bL6n

Tuesday 20th - 13:51

Glass half full edition: Dispersion gives Active Managers more opportunity to get it WRONG, not outperform! https://goo.gl/o63cLE

Tuesday 20th - 11:52

When it comes to #re-balancing, less is most definitely more, according to this study... https://goo.gl/wWJ0um

Monday 19th - 16:48

Can anyone see a pattern here? Anyone? https://goo.gl/A1KUMw

Monday 19th - 13:51

Morningstar on why Active Management persists despite the evidence of its failure.. https://goo.gl/CacUjb

Monday 19th - 11:52

This week's Blog looks at the aftermath of the Election fiasco for the Conservatives.. https://goo.gl/ZDK2y4

Sunday 18th - 12:51

There is a difference between being a "legendary investor" and being right. Most of the former forget the latter... https://goo.gl/ZWyFqx

Sunday 18th - 10:57

How to tell if your fund is a "closet tracker" and why it matters to your returns. https://goo.gl/82XUVg

Saturday 17th - 12:51

Barclays launches a new Investment service- looking at the costs and Bank's "chequered past" I think I will leave it https://goo.gl/XJgrty

Saturday 17th - 10:57

Another milestone hit as E8 trillion now in Index funds.... https://goo.gl/KxxPxH

Friday 16th - 16:48

Chief Exec of SL says he is leaving his money in GARS. Good luck with that... https://goo.gl/vpwoda

Friday 16th - 13:51

Jack Bogle continues to flaunt #conventionalwisdom. When everyone thinks the same, they are usually not thinking... https://goo.gl/cBk9Xz

Friday 16th - 11:52

Although #Investorsentiment can be useful, it has its limitations. Here's a good guide.. https://goo.gl/Em0fc8

Thursday 15th - 16:48

#Dollarcostaveraging- it depends on clients attitude to risk. There is no one size fits all solution. https://goo.gl/kiRMHf

Thursday 15th - 13:51

Shades of the #Enron debacle as Chinese firms urge employees to buy shares in their own companies. Danger...! https://goo.gl/cI2lp8

Thursday 15th - 11:52

EM ETF's face the new risk of political motivations behind Bond Index changes- Venezuela is the latest focus. https://goo.gl/nHjb3N

Wednesday 14th - 16:48

All the details on how clients can benefit from the new Vanguard platform. A useful guide if they dont know Vanguard https://goo.gl/JbMxnI

Wednesday 14th - 13:51

A cautionary tale on why #Diversification is a must for Investors. Ignore it at your (investment) peril. https://goo.gl/JH6Hpq

Wednesday 14th - 11:52

All the gory details on Active Manager performance from the year -end #SPIVA report... https://goo.gl/k3eecB

Tuesday 13th - 16:48

The Industry fights back: IA casts doubt on the figures which form the basis of the FCA's criticism of Fund Managers https://goo.gl/A0KfcM

Tuesday 13th - 13:51

Most advisers STILL going to Active. Plenty more to aim at... https://goo.gl/WkbFp3

Tuesday 13th - 11:52

"Complexity is over-rated.”- the more complicated the investment structure, the less likely it is to deliver... https://goo.gl/CwUpu5

Monday 12th - 16:48

"Investment diversification may not help in the next global recession"- possibly, but Active wont tell you WHEN... https://goo.gl/v8jQpQ

Monday 12th - 13:51

Even China are now going after performance fees- is there no place to hide for Managers? https://goo.gl/2LCQuV

Monday 12th - 11:52

This weeks blog looks at Vanguard's foray into the UK Fund market- how will the like of Hargreaves respond ? https://goo.gl/IHuqer

Sunday 11th - 12:51

The only #Hedgefunds beating the market this year are those who have bought Bitcoin ! How long will that last ?? https://goo.gl/rxYxrz

Sunday 11th - 10:57

Illinois Pension fund had 81 Hedge fund holdings !! They are now cutting (some of) them because of high fees.... https://goo.gl/8H1Qxz

Saturday 10th - 12:51

Whether its a bull or bear market, the Zero-sum principle applies equally as this #Vanguard study confirms https://goo.gl/55TyjJ

Saturday 10th - 10:57

The Head of Prudential Financial calls #Passiveinvesting a "low margin business"- that sums up Active's problem... https://goo.gl/Nx7a1h

Friday 9th - 16:48

Think Investing is complicated? #JackBogle distills it into 7 axioms. That's all there is.. https://goo.gl/g6SMwm

Friday 9th - 13:51

You could have made 49,000% by investing in Amazon at its IPO. But nobody has done- stick to #Indexing instead. https://goo.gl/z2Dios

Friday 9th - 11:52

One Active fund is closing due to a lack of good ideas- but isn't this a "#stockpickers" market? Clearly not... https://goo.gl/lcmZMa

Thursday 8th - 16:48

An Active fund doing well- due to its 8% weight in Bitcoin. Let's hope they get out before it crashes (again). https://goo.gl/6UwO2J

Thursday 8th - 13:51

A primer on #Factorinvesting... https://goo.gl/NwMlgS

Thursday 8th - 11:52

#ActiveManagers have been selling Beta as Alpha for too long, but Investors are now getting wise- hence price falls. https://goo.gl/FqqRwK

Wednesday 7th - 16:48

Bloomberg tried to take on #Vanguard over their business strategy; here is one response... https://goo.gl/vAs7Cz

Wednesday 7th - 13:51

Hedge fund manager sees client money fall from $19b to just $2b in 6 years- he still has $8b of his own to bet with. https://goo.gl/oP0hKE

Wednesday 7th - 11:52

The CS Investment returns Yearbook is an invaluable source of data- but NOT on which market does best after a war... https://goo.gl/1TCy4y

Tuesday 6th - 16:48

Judging by the April figures, Investors have (finally) warmed to Global portfolios, at the relative expense of UK. https://goo.gl/kVEn2a

Tuesday 6th - 13:51

Investors drive the trend to lower fees; competition actually works (at long last!) https://goo.gl/tY6Ufr

Tuesday 6th - 11:52

As Fund Managers get more desperate for Alpha, complexity (and thus costs) rise. Returns, however don't... https://goo.gl/Q27KBC

Monday 5th - 16:48

Building trust with clients is of enormous benefit, especially during harder times, according to a new survey. https://goo.gl/TvmjfY

Monday 5th - 13:51

The solution to market "risks" are derivatives, leverage, arbitrage etc according to Wells Fargo- isn't THAT risk ? https://goo.gl/aJiWTx

Monday 5th - 11:52

This week's blog looks at Skewness and how it dooms Active Managers to failure. https://goo.gl/UN43bw

Sunday 4th - 12:51

The irony in #Activemanager criticisms of Indexing is that they do the same things- only less well... https://goo.gl/auH5LQ

Sunday 4th - 10:57

Massive boost for #Hedgefunds in 2017- they nearly matched the S&P(+3.74%) and the All Share Index (+8.16%)-hurrah! https://goo.gl/yTdKdk

Saturday 3rd - 12:51

Keeping #investmentcharges under control is the only thing an Investor CAN control. https://goo.gl/b72QmJ

Saturday 3rd - 10:57

A new way of looking at, and explaining #sequencerisk. https://goo.gl/Ujz7lr

Friday 2nd - 16:48

Fund Manager sells everything (and takes a year off). Wonder how he will feel in a year if markets HAVEN'T fallen ?? https://goo.gl/I8Agpx

Friday 2nd - 13:51

The more complicated the investment strategy, the more likely it is to go wrong. Keep it simple... https://goo.gl/OmTZQO

Friday 2nd - 11:52

It seems that the much touted fall in #ActiveManagementfees is something of a mirage- much further to go then... https://goo.gl/tZzhMT

Thursday 1st - 16:48

A good response to the same old tired active manager arguments re: Passive Investing. https://goo.gl/1zhiw3

Thursday 1st - 13:51

Maybe, if we don't like #fundmanagerperformance, we can return the fund? Funds as Jeans edition.. https://goo.gl/1Mr6kM

Thursday 1st - 11:52

Just as Aldi disrupted the established Supermarkets, Vanguard will do the same to Fund Managers- oh, the indignity. https://goo.gl/rYS7uf

May, 2017

Wednesday 31st - 16:48

Active versus Passive; "the jury is still out" on the debate- money flows suggest the jury has reached a verdict... https://goo.gl/oeqE1u

Wednesday 31st - 13:51

Fund of Funds DEFINITELY have “quite a few snouts in the trough”- which is why they are expensive, and thus fail. https://goo.gl/02um41

Wednesday 31st - 11:52

The problem with holding large amounts of cash-you are waiting for a pullback that may never come... https://goo.gl/t2ao7I

Tuesday 30th - 16:48

Jack Bogle laments the decline of finance from a Profession to an Industry... https://goo.gl/W1NSuq

Tuesday 30th - 13:51

And this is why WE use Vanguard whenever we can... https://goo.gl/SjNFKn

Tuesday 30th - 11:52

Dynamic Asset allocation works, apparently, if you are a Pro,and are proficient in timing; except that noone is... https://goo.gl/A51mvk

Monday 29th - 16:48

The new US Fiduciary rule will help protect investors-even the big ones.. https://goo.gl/ff1sPU

Monday 29th - 13:51

Monday 29th - 11:52

Even if you consistently buy at market tops, with patience and persistence, it will all come together in time. https://goo.gl/QHGDg1

Sunday 28th - 12:51

Fund Managers now being forced to "subsidise" their funds to keep charges down- that can't last for long.. https://goo.gl/wmGqG1

Sunday 28th - 10:57

"Actively managed funds outperform during difficult markets"- opinion stated as fact...not so. https://goo.gl/v8PZTu

Saturday 27th - 12:51

Beat the Market and get a "safe" 7.4% yield ? S&P yields 2%. If this doesn't sound dodgy,you're not paying attention https://goo.gl/uJZS35

Saturday 27th - 10:57

Is Tactical Asset Allocation a waste of time and resources ? Spoiler alert-yes ! https://goo.gl/gkmIog

Friday 26th - 16:48

Yet another "adviser" cites 1987 and 2000 as warnings for investors-conveniently forgetting that Actives caused them https://goo.gl/mvMj4I

Friday 26th - 13:51

In a first, Morningstar downgrades a fund on the basis of it's charges-they could be rather busy if this catches on. https://goo.gl/TCi6pk

Friday 26th - 11:52

Bogle talks all things Indexing at a CFA conference... https://goo.gl/DzPYMa

Thursday 25th - 16:48

According to Remerga’s study, “Fee innovation in investment management overdue”. Stretching the meaning of overdue.. https://goo.gl/2pNeMw

Thursday 25th - 13:51

Analysis suggests that "buy the dip" strategy doesn't work vs Buy and Hold: (assuming you get a dip to buy...) https://goo.gl/BR9XoP

Thursday 25th - 11:52

Manager fees are falling, but only because Investors are choosing cheaper options; there is thus MUCH more to go... https://goo.gl/Jo3WSM

Wednesday 24th - 16:48

Bloomberg shills for the Fund Managers (again); its not profits, but the LEVEL thereof that is the concern... https://goo.gl/6cpPdJ

Wednesday 24th - 13:51

This chart shows how far Active funds STILL have to go to get close to price parity with Indexers. A LOOONG way... https://goo.gl/1I2Skx

Wednesday 24th - 11:52

Is Vanguard's arrival in the UK the end of the road for HL? Depends on how (or if) they respond... https://goo.gl/hz38UU

Tuesday 23rd - 16:48

Yup, 4 x levered ETF's are absurd... But so is 4 x levered anything- the provider not the investor gains from these. https://goo.gl/lTzDH3

Tuesday 23rd - 13:51

For Millenials "it's not going to be about stock selection, it's going to be about asset allocation"- hence Indexing https://goo.gl/mofA2m

Tuesday 23rd - 11:52

Fund of Fund inflows show a structural decline- Investors are catching on to the costs... https://goo.gl/802mS9

Monday 22nd - 16:48

Invesco "scraps" performance fee-only to replace it with higher base fees. Hmm... and the difference is ...? https://goo.gl/JO7c67

Monday 22nd - 13:51

A primer on how (and why) Funds benefit from Stock Lending. Index funds are well suited to it. https://goo.gl/3C579e

Monday 22nd - 11:52

This weeks blog looks again at the Banking Industry-its not a pretty sight. https://goo.gl/7m8mr3

Sunday 21st - 12:51

It has truly come to something when I agree with the World Socialist website.... https://goo.gl/iEIqZy

Sunday 21st - 10:57

There are now more Indices than stocks- something is definitely getting out of hand... https://goo.gl/b3STrh

Saturday 20th - 12:51

Bet against Passive investing: How long will you be prepared to wait? When will you know you're wrong? https://goo.gl/Xxdgva

Saturday 20th - 10:57

Most of the pro-Active Manager arguments currently being aired are hope versus experience- evidence is still lacking https://goo.gl/9Prrhy

Friday 19th - 16:48

Fund Managers: first, Vanguard hits your share price; then it gets your AUM. Cheaper investing arrives in the UK... https://goo.gl/zMPR1d

Friday 19th - 13:51

If clients are worried about stock markets at the moment, this may help... https://goo.gl/tlyGoU

Thursday 18th - 16:48

Share price falls for Asset Managers imply Vanguard have changed the game-again. https://goo.gl/nXoGW7

Thursday 18th - 13:51

The problem with fund manager performance is that there is far more luck than skill on show... https://goo.gl/BxqHNj

Thursday 18th - 11:52

Over EVERY 20 year period since 1950, the S&P 500 has NEVER lost money! #buyandhold (for the Long Term). https://goo.gl/k3Vyro

Wednesday 17th - 16:48

Escalating competition leads to a "race to the bottom" in ETF fees- as if thats a bad thing ?? https://goo.gl/9KvV4W

Wednesday 17th - 13:51

How much does Market Timing cost Investors? According to Morningstar research, between 73 and 79 bps per annum. https://goo.gl/VLj5aY

Wednesday 17th - 11:52

Vanguard is now coming after the UK Retail market- HL/Fidelity...be afraid... https://goo.gl/LjcAUH

Tuesday 16th - 16:48

(One of) the problems with Absolute Return (aka Hedge Funds) is measuring their success; Benchmarks are often fudged https://goo.gl/CoM4J1

Tuesday 16th - 13:51

PWC Report describes the 4 "R's" dilemma for Asset managers-Returns, Regulations, Revenues, and Robots. https://goo.gl/X1U8Ir

Tuesday 16th - 11:52

The three differences between Active and Passive. They are the real reasons why Active is failing... https://goo.gl/G3SSjz

Monday 15th - 16:48

Institutions seek to discourage "Short-Termism" by...not reporting their results Quarterly. Is the problem elsewhere https://goo.gl/k7d1Vs

Monday 15th - 13:51

Another landmark as $4 trillion in assets now in ETF's- and where it stops nobody knows... https://goo.gl/1upwUy

Monday 15th - 11:52

Amazingly, one US Pension scheme DOES NOT KNOW how much it is being charged by Wall Street! https://goo.gl/NwFBT5

Sunday 14th - 12:51

HF Manager says "that active underperformance was cyclical"; actually it looks like its structural... https://goo.gl/ZGNSGx

Sunday 14th - 10:57

The strange death of Volatility... https://goo.gl/6HDSbG

Saturday 13th - 12:51

We often mention GARS in the context of poor performance but it's not JUST GARS: Targeted return funds fail big. https://goo.gl/dZK7a3

Saturday 13th - 10:57

UK Investors get back into equities in March (AFTER a 2.5% market gain); with one notable exception-SL's GARS... https://goo.gl/nGWM1M

Friday 12th - 16:48

One of our loyal EBI users waxes eloquent about our service- cheers Raj! https://goo.gl/J4wm9E

Friday 12th - 13:51

At the start of the Berkshire Hathaway AGM, Buffett again lays into Hedge Funds. Are Plumbers better value? (yes). https://goo.gl/spxSG7

Friday 12th - 11:52

Professor of Finance asks whether trying to avoid a market crash is more costly than experiencing it.... https://goo.gl/OtHKTm

Thursday 11th - 16:48

Oz fund manager calls Passive "lobotomised investing". What's lobotomised is paying 1-1.5% per annum on your money! https://goo.gl/Jn3bvr,

Thursday 11th - 13:51

According to Cazenove, Passive doesn't work for Value investors- it certainly doesn't work for Cazenove! https://goo.gl/FZBqBW

Thursday 11th - 11:52

It is Fees, not returns that are driving investors towards Passive funds. Actives don't seem to understand this. https://goo.gl/Ap2lqG

Wednesday 10th - 16:48

Even Active Managers that BEAT their benchmarks are now seeing redemptions- a sign of the changing times? https://goo.gl/EZa1o9

Wednesday 10th - 13:51

How times change- Spread betting firm advocates Buy and Hold... https://goo.gl/MEK1YD

Wednesday 10th - 11:52

Yet another warning about ETF domination- but as usual, it's based on a prediction, rather than fact. https://goo.gl/5DlbiA

Tuesday 9th - 16:48

Another survey highlighting the huge value for money delivered by Investment Managers...not. https://goo.gl/n0mUSz

Tuesday 9th - 13:51

This article lays out what managers need to do to beat Index funds- the problem is, they can't do it... https://goo.gl/wn65Qz

Tuesday 9th - 11:52

The chart refutes the hypothesis of Indexing taking over the world. We have much further to go before that!! https://goo.gl/lO5bKL

Monday 8th - 16:48

A Hedge fund sees losses on their "Shorts" and underperforms on its "Longs"- where's the Alpha? https://goo.gl/QvzH8q

Monday 8th - 13:51

MS Brokers not happy about their Firm's decision to cull Vanguard funds- has the backlash begun already? https://goo.gl/Nn2ChU

Monday 8th - 11:52

This week's blog looks at the increasing market calls for a crash- have they misread structural market changes? https://goo.gl/NVmafp

Sunday 7th - 12:51

“Passive is a conscious choice not to outperform", according to one Active Manager. Has he heard of fund expenses? https://goo.gl/cMFtsP

Sunday 7th - 10:57

Morningstar (who rate other company's funds) are now trying to be a fund manager. Conflict of interest? https://goo.gl/DjJsUp

Saturday 6th - 12:51

For all firms, pricing power is vital to stay alive- unfortunately, Asset Managers are proving they don't have it... https://goo.gl/QRHzV2

Saturday 6th - 10:57

Bogle has some (semi-serious) advice for Active funds- I doubt if they will take it though... https://goo.gl/TMu1cJ

Friday 5th - 16:48

In other news, turkeys unanimously vote to bring forward Christmas... https://goo.gl/50DPbG,

Friday 5th - 13:51

More Passive Investors = more Independent Directors/Shareholder-friendly Corporate governance. Simples! https://goo.gl/3ucFty

Friday 5th - 11:52

FOMO (fear of missing out). Why investors chase performance- Individuals, Hedge and Pension funds do it too. https://goo.gl/JLb5Ej

Thursday 4th - 16:48

A good refutation of the "ETF's/Indexing will cause the end of the world thesis. https://goo.gl/p4SHDw

Thursday 4th - 13:51

Yet another Active Manager criticises Indexes for out-performing them... https://goo.gl/QGEhVT

Thursday 4th - 11:52

Another Institution lowers it's assumed rate of return (by 0.25%): the question if begged- is 7.25% still realistic? https://goo.gl/uFqvOH

Wednesday 3rd - 16:48

Apparently, there will be a Market correction in the next 10-20 years(!) Thanks for that brave call... https://goo.gl/oKBctW

Wednesday 3rd - 13:51

Sector concentration in the Index and market "inefficiency" SHOULD make it easier for Active Managers- not so in Oz. https://goo.gl/vbzCbr

Wednesday 3rd - 11:52

Investors are waking up to the conflict of interest that Active Managers face- though it appears THEY are not (yet). https://goo.gl/uovl4S

Tuesday 2nd - 16:48

Does "Sell In May" work as an investment strategy? Yes, No or Maybe; if it did, wouldn't everyone sell? https://goo.gl/NLbA0m

Tuesday 2nd - 13:51

More news for Active Managers- none of it good... https://goo.gl/xZUAeC

Tuesday 2nd - 11:52

This week's Blog looks at the Momentum Factor- how and why it works. https://goo.gl/92ciWV

Monday 1st - 16:48

More brave words from an Active Manager; for most of them ETF's are more likely a nightmare than a dream... https://goo.gl/ej6H1e

Monday 1st - 13:51

Voila- an example of what I mean re complexity and Financial organisations. 51 pages on portfolio construction! https://goo.gl/NMgexv

Monday 1st - 11:52

Is there a "creeping complexity " to Passive Investing? Wherever Financial firms get involved, there is that risk... https://goo.gl/WwlziM