Three steps

Step one: introduce your firm

The first step is to determine if there is an initial fit. We do this by asking you to introduce your firm by providing us with some key information to help us to begin to construct your firm's profile. This can be done completely online, anytime.

Step two: compatibility discussions

This a conversation that typically takes places via telephone or a similar technology such as Skype. We organise this automatically when you introduce your firm. This is where we learn more about you, and also provide more in-depth information about EBI. We determine if there are enough shared values to continue the conversation in person and if our philosophies are aligned, we organise a face to face meeting.

Step three: face-to-face discussion

We invite key individuals from your firm to visit our offices located in Aldridge, West Midlands or at one of our regional presentations. During your visit, you will have an opportunity to take a closer look at our services, and meet with our team.

Are you ready to take the next step? If you are then please introduce your firm here for our consideration.