Partner with us

What are the benefits of becoming an EBI partner firm?

Complete and unrestricted access to EBI's extensive historical market performance databases, our extensive industry documentation and white-paper repository, EBI's in-house fund management expertise, our innovative online tools and the support of an ever growing community of fellow partner firms.

  • You firm will still remain independent, with your own client list and continue to maintain your own fee schedule.
  • Your individual advisers will have the ongoing support of a continuous learning culture where they will be able to tap into the combined experience of both EBI's in-house staff and that of other partner firms.
  • The comfort of working within a fee-only, fiduciary-based environment; an Evidence Based Investment model that will integrate tightly with your existing role as a trusted adviser.
  • The ease and simplicity of a single outsourcing solution.

Planning for long term success

Ideally, your firm considers a relationship with your Turnkey Asset Management Program to be a long-term partnership. At EBI, we feel that mutual success is to be found by building a long-term working relationship. This forward thinking philosophy is why we believe that early exploratory conversations are critical to ensuring that there is the right fit between our firms.

Mutual due diligence

EBI engages with our potential partner firms using three steps, here, which we regard as "mutual due diligence". The three step engagement process is specifically designed to ensure that our firms share the same business objectives, client outlook and investing temperament.