Ideal firm profile

What kind of firm does EBI look to partner with?

EBI is happy to partner with your firm whether you are a start-up or already trading. However, the strength of our community and levels of success are founded upon commitment, attitude, collaboration and approach. EBI are happy to engage with all potential partner firms utilising our three step engagement process (here), however some of the characteristics we typically look to identify in a firm's profile are:

  • A dedicated leader who is able to devote a time and effort to further strengthen our community of partner firms.
  • Advisors and executives that are typically highly qualified, Certified and/or Chartered and achieved these qualifications because they wanted to excel in their profession and not just because of a regulatory requirement.
  • Are typically fee only, or at least fee based and have been for some time.
  • Have a limited number of higher net worth clients, with strict new client suitability requirements.
  • An existing client base and/or potential client base of individuals who have typically a minimum of £250,000 of investable assets.
  • A deep commitment to carrying out fiduciary responsibility at the highest level.
  • A deep commitment to "living" an Evidence Based Investment philosophy.
  • A clear business plan; strong vision.